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Women’s Day: Liberal Snowflakes Throw Tantrums, While Conservative Women Make America PROUD

It sucks when you get lumped into a cause you DETEST just because of your race or gender.

It’s a problem that we see far too often.

For example, the left would like everyone to believe that blacks and unionized workers are natural members of the Democrat Party. Women as well, for that matter.

Those who are members of those groups but who aren’t Democrats are traitors, according to most liberals. And yet, these are the same people who essentially teach blatant racism in college…and try to defend it.


Anyway, on International Women’s Day, held annually on March 8, the liberal “A Day Without a Woman” movement found itself confronted by women who DON’T want that group speaking for them.

Instead of taking a day off work to protest as the liberal feminists promoted, these ladies chose a different way of expressing their beliefs.

In response to those on the left, “[a] mostly virtual counter protest is taking place on social media and across the country by groups of women who have physically gathered on their lunch breaks to celebrate their value to society by showing to up to work.”

Even USA Today managed to report on the counter-protest to the “A Day Without a Woman” gang:

“USA Today reports that the Right2Speak group is comprised of conservative women who don’t want far left-leaning women speaking for them. They’re declaring via a social media hashtag that the ‘A Day Without a Woman’ movement is #NotMyProtest:”

It’s clear the left does not speak for women anywhere to the degree that they would like people to believe.

Those ladies who are declaring their independence from liberal politics and leftist groups by fulfilling their responsibilities are the TRUE heroes of International Women’s Day – such as these women who went to work:

Much of the politics of the left is nothing more than “crybaby” politics.

It works on the idea that if you can convince a group of people that they are victims through no fault of their own, and that you will provide some sort of compensation for them, that they will support your organizations and the politicians that are affiliated with those groups.

It’s been a very successful way to build the power of the left, but it’s been very damaging to people’s lives.

And again, if you’re not part of the cause, you’re not merely in opposition,  you are indeed a traitor; if you’re a Democrat and you DON’T send a nasty postcard to President Trump on March 15, yes, you’re a traitor.

But the more people who break free from leftist dogma and the victim mentality it promotes, the stronger and more prosperous our nation, families, and citizens will be.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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