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Breaking: $20 TRILLION Explosion Pumps Up U.S. Economy…Trump Is In ECSTASY!

President Donald Trump may be Democrats’ worst nightmare, but even the far left can’t deny he’s good for business.

Okay, maybe they can…because denial is their business.

But the rest of us celebrate fantastic news like the $450 billion investment in the American economy, courtesy of Trump and Softbank.

True patriots love to see progress and yes, that progress is often reflected in the health and growth of the stock market. If that’s doing well, chances are, the US economy is flourishing.

For instance, when an economist tells us the US market gained $2 TRILLION in wealth after Trump was elected in November, that’s reason to applaud. It’s reason to be hopeful for the future.

And regardless of what liberals would have you believe (“it’s only temporary; the world is OVER!”), this health and growth continues.

Plain and simple, what Barack Obama put asunder in terms of investments, stocks and trading, Trump is setting right. And for the first time in many years, we can be excited about Wall Street again.

“U.S. equity indexes hit record highs on Monday, with the benchmark S&P 500’s market value topping $20 trillion as investors bet tax cuts promised by President Donald Trump would boost the economy,” Reuters reported.

Just let that soak in a minute.

Record highs – highs that haven’t before been seen. It’s time to go shopping again, isn’t it?

And by the way, Trump recently promised that he’d soon unveil a “phenomenal tax cut plan,” one that is guaranteed to save the hard-working American taxpayer a bunch of cash.

This is all welcome news, especially after the eight long years of Obama’s anti-Wall Street, anti-Big Business, anti-free market mentality and messaging.

Trump’s scarcely taken over and the news from the financial sector is all on the upswing. As Reuters also reported, the S&P 500’s surged fully nine percent since November 8.

That’s the date when Trump solidified his spot in the White House and, even better, the country could truly start to see a light at the end of the long, very long, Obama tunnel.

Thank GOD.

Source: Reuters

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