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$4 Trillion In 6 Months – President Trump Has Officially Answered America’s Prayers

Before he was President of the United States, Donald Trump was a businessman.

And like most successful businessman, he knows how to make money in just about any environment and situation. He also knows that in order for society to function, that money needs to continue to flow.

This a big reason why we needed him in the White House.

Lest we forget, running the country is like running the single biggest business on the planet. A community organizer with the “take from people who produce and give to people who don’t” mentality will inevitably fail.

And of course, that’s precisely what Barack Obama did: Fail.

The shocking increase in welfare and other assistance programs and the decline of the American economy was just unforgivable. Thankfully, though, Trump has been working fast to fix things.

In fact, in only 6 months time, Trump has made America a whole LOT richer.

In his op-ed piece, Fox Business host Stuart Varney dropped a stunning number that Americans are already cheering about:

Look at this: Since his election win, the Trump rally has added $4.1 trillion to the nation’s wealth.

Anyone with a 401k, an IRA, college savings, retirement savings, mutual funds. Anyone with a dime in the market has taken a piece of that $4 trillion.

Also, during this presidency, five American companies have emerged as global technology leaders.

You know their names: Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook. It’s a technology world, and American companies have seized the future.

And during this span of time, when Trump was working to Make America Great Again, what have the Democrats been doing? I mean, besides losing constituents and funding at a comical rate?

Well, Varney weighed in on that as well:

One brief aside, can anyone tell me the Democrats’ growth plan? Do they have one?

They apparently still cling to the belief that if we taxed the rich, and give to the poor, shackle capitalism and open the borders, we will somehow grow.

Nonsense. Six months in, the left is mired in hate.



The Left is locked in a downward spiral, a vortex of hate, denial, hypocrisy, and their trademark disgusting behavior that they call “progressive.” With these people in charge, the country plummeted.

Get them out, and look what happens.

There are still many hurdles to clear – the thorny healthcare issue perhaps being atop the list – but at least from an economy standpoint, President Trump is pushing America in the right direction.

It’s the direction where ambition and hard work are rewarded and whining and leeching are punished, where Americans can once again feel proud to be Americans.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Source: Independent Journal Review

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