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Tolerant Left Tries to Film Migrants in Sweden, Then It All Goes WRONG. Don’t Let This Happen To America!

The Mainstream Media has been trying to push the narrative that Sweden is a safe country that has no problems with all of the Muslim immigrants pouring in every day. President Trump went on TV and talked about the unrest in Sweden and the media mocked him for it. The next day, Muslim refugee protests and riots made the headlines across the nation.

Do you have friends who still believe Islam is a peaceful religion? Show them this video, they hate everything the West represents.

The crazy part is, people like this come back to the US and still preach about tolerance and acceptance of this type of behavior. The hypocrisy of the Left defending a religion that hangs homosexuals and marries off their 12 year old daughters is absolutely astounding.

We have to stand up and defend our right to maintain our American values!

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