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Actress Makes 1 Nasty Comment About Trump Supporters – Her Fans Instantly Revolt

Many of our so-called celebrities might have some acting or musical talent, but this does not mean they are capable of clarity of thought or speech.

Nevertheless, they delight in using their celebrity status to gain publicity for their views that would require others to use their intelligence.

As a result, we are often on the receiving end of stupid comments, born from undisciplined emotions as opposed to thoughtful reason.

In other words, many of the celebrities are just boneheads with a platform.

The list is so expansive that no effort will be made to identify them here. You could no doubt do that quite well yourself anyway.

Yet attention will be called to the remarks of one utterly forgettable celeb in her war against President Trump.

“Grey’s Anatomy” actress Ellen Pompeo is so incensed with the election of President Trump that she has called on all those who voted for him to boycott her movies.

Via IJR:

“With the controversial election of Donald Trump, many celebrities have come out publicly to bash him and claim he’s a racist.

But now, they seem to have completely lost their minds and are now requesting that the people who are ultimately partly responsible for their paychecks boycott their movies.

“On Monday, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actress Ellen Pompeo started a Twitter storm aimed directly at the president. It started when Pompeo noticed this tweet:”

Here’s is one of her former fans responding to her stupidity:

Then Olivia Wilde jumped into the fray and immediately, a Trump supporter fired back:

What’s to be said here?

Perhaps Pompeo and Wilde have been in Hollywood long enough that both are now disconnected from the real world?

In any event, this is not the way to treat your fans, those on whom your income, not to mention your precious ego depend.

If these two don’t want Trump supporters as fans (customers, essentially), perhaps enough will be willing to oblige so they reap the full benefits of their actions.

Hollywood has been a place that has historically produced some rather “interesting” characters.

Yet, think of the great movie stars of previous eras and imagine them behaving in such a stupid and puerile way.

Not too many such names come to mind, and that is a measure of the failing of Hollywood today.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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