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African Migrants Brutally Rape 3 Tourists, Then 1 Sick Muslim Says Something Horrifying…

The future that many European nations have chosen is a bleak one.

Rather than operate on the basic tenets of common sense, many European leaders have opted to partake in a game of one-upmanship to see who can appear the most tolerant and righteous.

To do so, they’ve been competing to see who can import the most Muslim migrants while simultaneously ignoring the caustic effects such actions will have.

In what can only be described as an anti-nature and suicidal psychosis, these once great nations are ignoring the rapes, murders, and terror attacks being inflicted upon their countrymen, less they appear “intolerant.”

Not only that, they simply refuse to admit they were wrong.

When trucks aren’t barreling through crowded marketplaces, other crimes are being committed by these so-called “peaceful” migrants.

The latest brutal example comes from Italy, where some very unlucky tourists happened upon these tolerant and in-need Muslim invaders.

As reported at Breitbart, a Polish couple, along with a transsexual from Peru, were gang-raped and brutally beaten by North African migrants on an Italian beach in Rimini, Italy a few days ago.

The incident has rightfully sparked outrage amongst Italians who, unlike many of their neighbors, have already started turning against the crazy immigration policies pushed by their leader, the European Union, and Germany.

While the incident itself is disgusting and hardly an isolated one, comments made about the rape by a so-called “cultural mediator” at one of Italy’s migrant reception centers has exacerbated the problem.

It has also proven once again that Muslims are largely incapable of accepting Western values.

This Muslim mediator tasked with welcoming his fellow invaders into Italy, Abid Jee, downplayed the incident, saying the rape was:

a worse act, but only at the beginning, when the willy goes in, then the woman becomes calm and you enjoy it like normal intercourse.

An Italian news agency has reported that Jee’s post “caused a stir despite being quickly removed”, with many calling for him to be fired.

So rape is only bad at the very beginning, but very quickly it becomes perfectly fine, because it’s just like normal, consensual sex once things get going…?

That’s just sick.


But Jee’s opinion isn’t exactly uncommon amongst the Muslim rabble flooding Europe by the millions.

Yet the left-wing paragons of virtue that are leaders like Germany’s Merkel still refuse to acknowledge the drastic and dangerous disconnect between the respective value systems.

One would think that tolerant leftists wouldn’t like overly-religious folks that actually oppress/kill gays and women for minor “crimes,” like getting raped by another man or, you know, just being gay.

The latter will see you stoned or getting tossed off a tall building but for the sake of their pride and appearances, it seems leftists can overlook the global Muslim behavior trend.

As for Jee, he should be on the first raft back to whence he came. Such people shouldn’t be allowed to sully democratic, free nations.

But what do I know; maybe importing millions of people that hate you, that have an explosive birth-rate compared to your sub-replacement level one, and are willing to kill you, is actually the right policy…

That’s what “tolerance” is, right?

Source: Breitbart

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