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After Trump Brings This SEAL Widow To Tears, Democrats Prove They’re Treasonous MONSTERS

Only the most left-of-left could have a problem with President Donald Trump’s first address to Congress.

Of course, liberals can always find a way to hate on Trump.

For instance, they flipped their lids when First Lady Melania Trump prayed in public…of course, if it had been a MUSLIM prayer, Democrats would’ve been patting her on the back for her “diversity.”

But really, how you anyone find fault with what Trump just did? How can anyone not have tears in their eyes? People are saying that this is precisely the moment when Donald Trump became president:

You may recall the story from earlier this year of Trump personally visiting the family of a fallen warrior. This came bursting to the forefront during Trump’s address and Navy SEAL Ryan Owens’ widow, Carryn, couldn’t contain her tears.

You’ll also note that vice president Mike Pence is struggling to keep back the tears.

And when Trump was through, everyone was on their feet. During the standing ovation that lasted nearly two minutes, Carryn looked heavenward and said some silent words, tears streaming down her face.

To say the moment was special would be an understatement.

“However,” Independent Journal Review reported, “there were two people who reportedly didn’t stand during the biggest standing ovation of the night: Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rep. Keith Ellison.

The two stayed firmly seated while the standing ovation ensued.

Though they stood while Owens was being briefly introduced, they completely opted out of standing for the applause and cheers that brought the rest of the chamber to its feet for fully two minutes.


It’s beyond that.

This was a face-slap of epic proportions. Wasserman Schultz and Ellison, two of the Democratic Party’s biggest names, ought to have stood for the sheer sake of putting in a good show, if nothing else.

But these two are so elitist to think that good public relations doesn’t matter – that they are so far above politicking and the rest of the peon class of America, that they don’t have to observe even the most obvious of formal courtesies.

For crying out loud, the lady lost her husband, who was a war hero. Stand up for her. Clap, applaud, put on a somber face.

Trump cares about our soldiers; just because you don’t – just because Obama never did – doesn’t mean you can’t be HUMAN.

It’s not brain surgery, people. Even as much as standing for Trump might offend Democratic senses, the fact of the matter is: only the most tone-deaf, the most cavalier, and the coldest would fail to stand for this woman.

It’s a face-slap to her, to her courageous husband’s memory, to the U.S. military and, sadly enough, to an entire nation that felt nothing but compassion for her as she struggled to keep her emotions together.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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