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Flashback Vid: Al Sharpton’s Explosively Racist Rant – ‘I’ll Off The Pigs And The Crackers’

We Conservatives are very fortunate that Al Sharpton is an opponent of ours.

Imagine the humiliation of having to continually disavow this man’s comments and needing to distance ourselves from his opinions.

One has to wonder if such a project would even be possible given Rev. Sharpton’s obsession with making racist, stupid, and just plain bizarre statements.

You would also think that  someone who spends so much time in front of a microphone would be more careful. But no, not our friend Al.

He just blurts out whatever he wishes, confident that other leftist leaders, including the media, will give him a pass for whatever offensive remarks he might make.

Given his extremist racist views, is it any surprise that we find him recommending that blacks kill cops, oblivious to the fact that all of this was being captured on tape?

From Yes I’m Right:

“Everything Dr. Martin Luther King was, Al Sharpton isn’t. Sharpton has taken the King mantra and made it into a joke.

The Dallas shootings of those innocent police officers were the direct result of decades of work by Sharpton and his followers to instill in the minds of young, black, poverty stricken people that it’s society’s fault they are the way they are: impoverished.

It’s not, but that’s how Sharpton makes his money. He preaches hate and misinformation.”

Here we go with Rev. Sharpton at one of his finest moments, this time from 1992.

Watch below as he talks about killing cops and ‘crackers’ outside of where he’s speaking.

This man combines hypocrisy with bigotry, arrogance, and stupidity.

Although he has some competition, he may go down in history is the greatest race-baiter in the past 100 years.

It may not be an exaggeration to say that Rev. Sharpton is as much of a destructive influence on race relations as the KKK, just from the opposite position.

It is so sad that lives, especially young black lives that hold so much promise for themselves and our society, are often infected with the selfish, self-aggrandizing, and bigoted views of Al Sharpton.

He damages the very segment of our society that he purports to want to help, all to feed his own ego and hate. As such, he is an embarrassment to the nation.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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