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Alyssa Milano Says Something So Stupid About Obama, Even Her Own Fans Roast Her

It’s interesting how well-known entertainers and sports figures manage to leverage their celebrity status in order to make an impact on the culture.

Some do this through their work and make genuine, positive contributions to our society.

Others make no particularly useful or helpful contribution to our society at all, but somehow are able to get a foothold in the news and opinion cycle, so what they say has some impact.

At least it has an impact on those who want to use others’ thoughts as a shortcut for doing some real thinking for themselves.

Some folks hang on every word these people utter as though any of the latest reality television stars have the slightest idea of how to formulate economic or foreign policy.

Actress Alyssa Milano is a confirmed member of the entertainment left. As such, she has the right to make all the negative comments she wants regarding President Trump and conservatives.

And obviously, she also has the right to make comments that either don’t make sense, or are just plain wrong.

Her latest remark on Twitter falls into the latter category, giving more credit to Mr. Obama than he deserved, and ignoring the brave Navy SEALs who made things happen.

Via Independent Journal Review:

“Recently she tweeted something that caused a bit of a stir on her profile (what else is new) when Trump announced his new plan for the war in Afghanistan.

“Milano ‘reminded’ her followers that President Barack Obama ‘killed’ Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan on May 2, 2011:”

We get what she’s saying, but to leave our SEALs out of her remark shows that she is more interested in pushing a leftist agenda than she is in giving credit where it is due.

In other words, it’s one thing to sit in the White House, agree with your advisors, and give the order.

It’s quite another to put your life on the line in an incredibly dangerous environment to make it happen.

Sort of like these people point out:

Note that we are taking all of this at face value simply for the purpose of pointing out that Ms. Milano is not a particularly good source of information on current events.

She certainly has her right to share her opinion, just as others can point out that she often does not know what she is talking about, and approaches news from a far left perspective.

If there are those who want Milano to do their thinking for them, they are welcome to make that choice.

If they wish to do that and be well-informed, they are expecting the impossible.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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