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Alyssa Milano Nails Trump With 1 Filthy Insult – Then Thousands Of Fans Instantly Light Her Up

Hollywood has provided us with decades of outstanding entertainment.

That’s in spite of the fact that it has always had its share of of oddballs who have a difficult time doing normal things. Like staying married, for instance.

Sadly, in recent decades, the leftward bent of Hollywood celebrities has become extreme.

One wonders if someone who is more or less middle-of the-road politically can make it there, let alone a genuine conservative. Of course, some have, but they are definitely in the minority.

Alyssa Milano is representative of the overwhelming segment of Hollywood that hates President Trump and will never miss an opportunity to attack him, even if he does or says something that has no political overtones whatsoever.

Hence, Milano found it necessary to go on the offensive against the president for calling for a Day of Prayer for the victims of the disaster in Texas.

But the fan backlash to her Tweets was instant and fiery and she probably never expected it.

From IJR:

“After viewing firsthand the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey and the ensuing floods, President Trump declared that Sunday would be a National Day of Prayer for those on the Gulf Coast who had been affected by the storm.

“Despite some of the usual complaints that prayer ‘wasn’t effective’ and what the people really needed was government help, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

“But as the day came to an end and reports began to surface on the president’s plans for DACA — namely that he intends to shut it down — actress Alyssa Milano jumped into the fray:”

You are welcome to determine who the real a**hole is in this online dust-up.

But many voiced their opinion and the fallout wasn’t pretty for the aging America-hating actress:

Further, no indication is given as to what Ms. Milano’s religious beliefs are, or if she even has any.

Clearly, she remains cognizant enough of current events such that she is prepared to launch into a verbal attack on the president, even if she has to idiotically insult the idea of a prayer for those in need.

Which leads one to ask the question:

If Milano were facing some serious danger or disaster, would she take to Twitter to demand that no one on the right, especially President Trump, pray for her well being?

Or is this another case where the ultra-hypocritical liberal can’t look in the mirror?

Source: Independent Journal Review

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