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CRUSHED: The American People Just Torched Obama’s Legacy…Burn, Baby, BURN!

Well, this isn’t exactly the legacy President Obama wanted to leave.

It’s certainly not anything more than he deserves, though, right America?

Word on the White House street is that Obama is leaving behind a trail of good economic times, happy Iranian relations and solid, forward-thinking regulatory policy, not to mention a happy-go-lucky optimism brought courtesy completely of the commander-in-chief. Just ask any good White House aide and they’ll tell you…Obama’s the bees’ knees.

And hell, we all know how much Obama likes patting himself on the back. Remember this?

But the American people aren’t buying it. Rather, the citizens of this great country are downright PISSED.

“According to a Gallup poll of real Americans, the country believes that America has taken massive steps backwards during the eight years of Obama’s horrible presidency,” Yes I’m Right reported.

Oops. How’d that message get there?

Still, it’s not as if the poll question were skewed, or difficult to interpret. It asked, bluntly, the news blog reported: “Did the U.S. gain or lose ground under President Barack Obama?”

And the results were less-than-stellar, even for the LGBTQ movement, where Obama scored highest and 68 percent said he gained ground in that regard (no surprise there). The next best highest score for him was in energy, where 46 percent said he gained ground.

But on the federal debt and the gap between rich and poor? Well, only 21 percent thought Obama made progress on the national debt. And only 14 percent think he helped to narrow the gap between rich and poor.

And in several other key areas, plenty more poll respondents said Obama actually went backwards and lost ground. Some of those dark areas for Obama: the economy and national debt, crime, race relations, Iraq, the U.S. position in the world – oh, one could go on and on, but even on the Internet, isn’t space limited?

The bigger takeaway is this:

Obama may award himself all the medals and commendations he wants; or, more to the truth, have his administration officials award him. And the White House can sell his “dear leader’ image all it wants, as well.

But the American people aren’t fooled. Polls can be skewed, as we all know, by watching the 2016 election predictions and initial returns. But this latest from Gallup reeks of truth; the American people voted for Donald Trump because they’re sick and tired of Obama hubris, Obama policy, Obama back-pats.

And they didn’t just vote for Trump. They voted against Obama.

Take THAT, Democrats.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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