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The Sickest Anti-America Network Goes Too Far – Guess What CNN Just Did To Help ILLEGALS?

Talk about hidden in plain sight.

The leftist bias of media outlets such as CNN has been so obvious for so long, that all that is left for us to do is to unmask their latest liberal outrages.

President Trump has pointed out the inaccuracies and flat-out fake news CNN has doled out in recent months, so you might think they’d try to change.

But no, they’re liberals. They’re ALWAYS in the right.

CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the cabal exist to create an environment where anything that touches on conservative or constitutional beliefs is automatically assumed to be tainted by racism, xenophobia, chauvinism, or just plain stupidly.

It might work with their average viewer (millennial snowflakes who don’t believe anyone should have to work, ever), but we’re not buying any of it.

For example, if you oppose foreigners breaking the law to enter the U.S., you are a racist or xenophobe. Only the left are compassionate, tolerant people, and thus must be those whose views establish public policy.

Hence, they go berserk over President Trump and his supporters whom they consider to be barbarians who must be defeated. Then you get brutal beatings and other generally disgusting behavior.

But publishing a list of apps to help illegal immigrants? REALLY?

From Louder With Crowder:

Take a look at CNN’s latest helpful article geared towards illegal immigrants.

It’s deemed “5 Must-Have Apps for Undocumented Immigrants.” Because of course…

Notifica: With the press of a button, undocumented immigrants who are the subject of a raid by [ICE] will be able to use the Notifica app to send customized messages to 15 personal contacts. The messages are encrypted, and all records disappear after the message is sent.

Arrived: A hub for immigration resources, Arrived displays the latest immigration news and educates users on the deportation process … and offers a map with every sanctuary city in the United States.


Tarjimly: Tarjimly is a Facebook messenger bot that connects a community of 2,000 volunteer translators with immigrants and refugees in real time.

Cell 411: Allows users to contact close friends and family when being confronted by ICE officers. The app allows users to stream and record live videos that cannot be erased. It can also send out users’ GPS coordinates and includes a ride sharing option. The number of Hispanic users has spiked since Trump’s inauguration.

RedadAlertas: This [app] will deliver verified data on ICE raids, checkpoints or other confrontations happening nearby. Once a raid is verified, RedadAlertas will send alerts to other users in a 10-20 mile radius.

When did assisting people in breaking the law become so fashionable?

Maybe this is why CNN’s viewership has been plummeting; even some leftists are starting to realize that this level of inanity cannot be tolerated.

You just published a “help” list for illegal individuals. Doesn’t get any sicker.

Source: Louder with Crowder

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