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HORRIFYING: Latest Anti-Trump Attack Will Make You Sick…The Scariest One Yet!

This is getting out of control.

Apparently, if you’re a Republican elector who is partially responsible for Donald Trump’s new job, you’ve got a bullseye on your back…and the anti-Trumpers will do absolutely anything to nail you.

In what Politico is calling an “unprecedented assault on the Electoral College,” there’s a wicked lobbying effort to coerce 37 Republican electors to vote for any candidate not named Donald Trump. This is a direct assault on the College and the entire election process in general and on top of which, there’s another covert agenda that could have devastating results in terms of stability:

If the courts allow individual electors to change their loyalties and let them support a candidate that DIDN’T win their state, things are gonna go haywire.

As Harvard University constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe noted in an email:

“There might well be a clamor to get rid of the Electoral College altogether, a move that would have some disadvantages (like eliminating Hamilton’s safeguard) but many advantages as well. Anyhow, clamor and anger have become par for the course in this loony election year.”electoralcollege

Obviously, Democrats are at the head of this underhanded maneuver, and they plan to challenge laws in the 29 states that say electors have to support their party’s candidate. Prior to this election, those laws have never come into question…what does that tell you about the party that lost? In Colorado and Washington, there are at least eight Democratic electors lobbying their GOP counterparts to recant their oaths and oppose Trump when the times comes.

This is just another example of how desperate Democrats have become, and just how far they’ll go to reverse their loss. It also shows they have little to no interest in respecting the current election process because clearly, it didn’t serve their needs. If the tables were turned, if Trump had lost and the Republicans were taking these strides to change the outcome, what would be the left’s reaction?

Welcome to the double standard world of the Democrat.

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