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Antifa Punk Kicks Smoke Grenade At Police – Then 1 Cop Fires The Shot Heard ‘Round The Internet

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, the Left has put its troops on high alert.

They were highly active and organized before but now they’re on a full-blown blitzkrieg against Trump and conservatives.

With groups like BLM and Antifa becoming dominant left-wing forces, conservative are no longer safe at even the most benign political event.

Left-wing violence is now commonplace anytime there’s a protest, and the trend unfortunately continued during Trump’s controversial visit to Phoenix on Tuesday.

Ahead of Trump’s visit, the Phoenix mayor told him he wasn’t welcome, and blamed him for the nation’s divisions.

But a cursory look on the web proves everything the mayor said wrong, as videos abound showing his comrades attacking police and antagonizing the conservatives that made the trip to hear Trump speak.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, Trump’s Tuesday night speech was a riot in more ways than one.

Police were stationed all around the venue, as many leftist groups surrounded the area in protest to the president.

They eventually had to deploy riot gear and a hefty amount of tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets to disperse the radicals.

One of the highlights of the police’s crowd breakup will have you hitting the repeat button again and again.

In the video, an Antifa radical wearing a gas mask thought it was wise to kick a tear gas canister back at the police. Admittedly, his form was decent, but his attempt to escape the situation…not so much.

After kicking the can and fleeing the scene, what can only be described as the greatest shot in the history of mankind was made.

With his body turned away from the police, some sharpshooter on the force shot the guy right in the family jewels with a non-lethal, pepper ball projectile.

The Antifa thug immediately collapsed in pain, and could barely stand.

But a white knight dressed in a Colin Kaepernick jersey (how perfect is that?) soon appeared to help him off the street and onto the sidewalk out of harm’s way.

What happened to the guy after that, who knows, but there’s no doubt he’s still sore. Hopefully he learned his lesson and won’t be so quick to antagonize the police.

But since he’s a leftist, it’ll probably take more than a shot in the nuts to keep him from acting like a jackass when he’s out protesting conservatives.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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