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Antifa Thugs Call Disabled WWII Vet ‘Anti-American’ – His Perfect Reply Will Make You Cheer

The terrorist group Antifa is finally making headlines, and not for the reason they’ve been craving.

In what must be a miracle, left-wing outlets are actually criticizing the group, admitting that they have a violence problem that needs to be reigned in.

The latest events in Berkeley, which saw thousands of leftists attack a handful of conservatives, seems to be the straw that broke the liberal media’s back.

Even so, don’t think liberals are chastising the group for righteous reasons. If they truly cared about Antifa’s violence, they would’ve spoken up a a few years and dozens of cracked skulls ago.

The best part of the Berkeley incident is that Americans are finally getting footage of their violent antics, so they can better judge for themselves.

But videos of beatings aren’t all there’s to see, as one inspiring and enraging video from Sunday’s chaos shows a WWII veteran in a wheelchair calling out the commie-thugs for their brutal shenanigans.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, after witnessing a massive mob of black-clad Antifa terrorists, armed with shields and blunt objects, beating people in the streets, the disabled veteran got into a heated debate with one of the thugs.

The member of Antifa screamed at the veteran, “you’re f*****g anti-American.”

The veteran then responds with an emotionally charged statement:

You bas***d!  I’m a f*****g patriot.

Adding insult to his egregious injury, some leftists surrounded the veteran and dumped water on him before fleeing.

If you want your blood pressure to reach dangerous levels, then you should take a moment and watch footage of the incident.

The audacity of some punk kid, that probably has an IQ below 75 and never held a job in his life, to say such a thing to a WWII veteran of all people is just mind-boggling.

What kind of person has that little self-awareness? It’s hard to imagine that such scum exists, much less has the nerve to be so brazen in their stupidity.

Such a sentiment is par for the course when it comes to Antifa. These guys are full-blown, unapologetic commies.

While they’re a threat at the moment, in the grand scheme, they’re rather toothless. Because what do we Americans normally do to commies?

We destroy them, of course. Your time is rapidly approaching, Antifa…better enjoy your time in the limelight while it lasts.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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