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Antifa Thugs Manhandle Elderly Patriotic Woman – Her Reaction Will Leave You In Tears

If you’re a conservative and plan to attend even the most benign of political protests or rallies, you better go prepared.

All across the country, the domestic terror group Antifa has opened chapters dedicated to squashing any and all opposition to their anarcho-communist beliefs.

And due in part to the liberal clowns in the media, they’ve become increasingly bolder, as they’re unafraid to use violence to defeat their enemies since they continually get away with it.

The spread of this group is highly disturbing but not at all surprising.

Leftist ideology is all about violence and thanks to the deep and amoral pockets of people like George Soros, these grassroots extremist groups are able to function with a high degree of effectiveness.

But at the end of the day, it’s the left-wing media and politicians’ tacit approval of their actions and goals that make what they do possible.

In the wake of the Charlottesville violence, a free speech rally was held in Boston by those disturbed by the increasing crackdown on free expression.

A counter-protest of thousands of leftists were in attendance as well, and they acted just as you’d expect: With hostility and violence.

As reported at BizPac Review, there were a lot of Antifa victims at the gathering, but one of the most disgusting caught on video will have you seething with rage.

In the video, an elderly woman carrying an American flag is assaulted by an Antifa goon, who grabbed a hold of the flag and tried to snatch it away.

The woman refused to let go, so he proceeded to drag her along with it.

The thug managed to escape after dragging her along and running into a mob of his fellow leftists, leaving the elderly woman in a heap.

In the aftermath of the rally, the woman was spoken to by a member of the media. Speaking on camera, the she recounted what happened, saying a “guy with a mask” grabbed her flag.

I tried to get it back and he hit me and knocked me on the ground,” she said, before becoming overwhelmed with emotion.

Where is the media? They don’t want to cover any of this.”

The woman began sobbing and stated what many of us conservatives are feeling.

I’m tired. I’m so tired of everything. 

The freedom we fought for many years ago, I’m watching it be destroyed by groups that don’t care,” she sobbed.

Most of the time, it feels like we’re living in the Twilight Zone.

Our nation is under assault from the Left, as they’re going all out in their attempt to fundamentally transform America.

They’ve politicized everything, making it impossible to escape their propaganda and thought police. It’s not normal or healthy for a society to be like this, but for the Left, the ends justify the means.

And the ends they seek is the complete control of America at every level, so they can remake it into some third-rate, communist hellhole that they’ll have the privilege of permanently ruling.

Scary times indeed.

Source: BizPac Review

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