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U.S. Army Makes Transgender Sensitivity Training Mandatory, So 1 Vet Delivers A Wake-Up Call

Well, it was inevitable.

Nothing is above the rule of political correctness in this country, not even the U.S. military.

Did you know it is now mandatory for soldiers to take a “transgender sensitivity training” course? Neither did we.

But it’s true: Those who serve in the U.S. Army must be educated on how to be “sensitive” around transgender individuals…you know, as opposed to learning how to defend themselves and a country.

Granted, it’s only a 50-minute course but this doesn’t bode well; it’s a slippery slope that we’ve seen in all facets of our society.

And military veterans aren’t big fans of this. One who has served in “every major campaign from Grenada in 1983 to present day conflicts” has spoken up, and what he has to say is definitely turning heads.

Here’s what Delta Force Operator Dale Comstock told IJR:

This whole political social experiment is not helping. The reality is it’s in the Army, it’s in the Navy, it’s in the military.

And unless Mattis and Trump rescind all these policies and stop this madness, it’s here to stay.

It affects morale and combat readiness on many levels. At the end of the day, war fighting is about one thing: Killing people. It’s about bringing home our guys alive.

It’s not about being sensitive to a transgender. This isn’t corporate America, this is the military.

You can’t just put some policy in place because you want people to feel equal. Most guys who join the military, especially special operations forces, were the boys who had dirt clod fights on the playground, wrestled and fist fought, stole each other’s girlfriends, and pledged allegiance to the flag.

And that same spirit and apex predator mindset goes with us into the military.

Comstock added that such policies are affecting those who serve overseas as well. You won’t believe this little story:

I was in Afghanistan working for a government agency. And this one guy was there with us in the middle of a war zone, but he hadn’t gone through his Equal Opportunity training.

So they flew a bird out to get him in the midst of a war zone. That type of thing can immediately give away our position to the enemy.

That really is completely asinine.

There are limits to political correctness and at some point, reality must dictate our actions. As Comstock says, the military is serious business; it’s not an office where people’s feelings get hurt.

People die out there. STOP with the meaningless garbage and let these people do their JOBS.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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