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We Just Uncovered Barack Obama’s Most Personal Secret – He Wanted This Buried Forever!

Is Barack Obama’s “Whiteness” the reason for his failures in the political realm?

With all the talk of the “problems with Whiteness,” you wonder about those persons who are the product of an interracial relationship.

By far, the most famous interracial figure in modern times is our former president, Barack Hussein Obama.

Remember the new course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that focused on “Whiteness” and its inherent deficiencies?  Students were instructed on the poisonous and infectious qualities of being White and essentially ignorant of all things of color.

In addition to that, Van Jones on MSNBC proclaimed Donald J. Trump’s election victory was a “Whitelash” against people of color.

His contention was that White people in the U.S. had had enough of an African-American man in the White House and stormed the polls in order to ensure that his alt-Left legacy was sequestered securely in Limbo, never to rear its ugly head again.

However, if we delve into this statement, we find that Van Jones is only HALF correct, because Barack Obama is only HALF African-American. The ebullient Leftist media simply chose to ignore that part of the Democrat equation.

What does it all mean?

Well, Barack Obama has, from his earliest days, appeared to reject the White half of his existence, choosing instead to focus 100% of his energies in the direction of racial politics and identity.

Obama is a man who appears reticent about speaking of his mother. He has, in the past, spoken quite condescendingly of his grandparents on his mother’s side. For her part, Barack’s mother appears to have had an extremely difficult time accepting her own “Whiteness.”

This certainly played an important role in how Obama was raised and how, during his formative years, he was steered in the direction of alt-Left politics and activism.

Obama Senior was a very combative figure in his home country of Kenya and demonstrated an ultra-aggressive, anti-Anglo stance toward all things Western and played a very vigorous role in activism against those values.

For his part, Barack appears to have not only adopted his father’s views of the Western world and anti-colonialism, he also seems to be uncomfortable in his own skin in regards to his White heritage.

He took a wife whose radical Leftist views have become all the more visible with every passing year, culminating in a most embarrassing display of anger and discontent during Trump’s Inauguration Day event.

Just recently, Michelle’s Princeton thesis papers have been published and they definitively point to an anti-White belief system that is rooted in the false narrative of White privilege in America’s universities where, she believes, that Blacks feel uncomfortable and out of place.

This smacks of the sentiments set forward by the recent Black Lives Matter conference that took place at William and Mary College where the president of the university pushed back against the outrageous demands of this group.

Obama also demonstrated a particular dislike of all things Christian in his many diatribes about its history and its believers.

Claiming to be a Christian himself, one could never deny the weird disconnect when it came to the edicts and traditions of the Christian faith. He often appeared to be highly offended by Christians and their values, while at the same time seemingly hyper-sensitive about the Muslim faith of Islam.

The mainstream media never took one moment to reflect on this strange defection from his Christian roots, choosing instead to focus on his community service, as if that was an extension of his giving spirit directly bestowed by the church of Black theology, under the guidance and wisdom of Reverend Wright.

In his choice of Vice President, Barack also never appeared quite comfortable with the pick of Joe Biden. Obama never convinced the public at large that he was behind Biden all the way.

There was ever an unsettling vibe between them that spoke volumes of their Black and White starkness.

For his policies, there was the ever-true-to-Leftism legislation that was fully expected and anticipated by the Party faithful who christened him as the Savior of Progressivism in the first place.

However, deeper and beyond the normal alt-Left agenda, Obama appeared to jump on the many racial-divide opportunities that presented themselves, part and parcel, directly due to his core beliefs of inequality amongst the races (especially African-Americans).

This ability to recognize racial-division politics rivaled even the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in its despising of all things White.

Racism, after all (according to many noted Black activists), cannot be demonstrated by those of color. In so saying, Barack’s policies were never racist policies against Whites, but policies designed (he claimed) to “address the stark inequalities” between Whites and minorities.

Throughout his two terms as president, he spent precious little time speaking to Whites on a level of understanding or empathy for what they were going through economically.

While he ignored the poverty-stricken Whites, his more egregious crimes were committed by his complete ignorance of the poverty-stricken African-Americans and Hispanics.

Additionally sad was his unconvincing argument for trashing the 2nd Amendment, again and again, by arguing for the aggrieved victims of mass shootings in different states, while ignoring statistics of a more insidious epidemic closer to home.

This, as evidenced by his total lack of acknowledgement of the disgraceful number of homicides in his hometown of Chicago.

Could it be possible that his “Whiteness” was at the root of his failure in the presidency?

Is it something to be considered that Barack Obama’s struggles with feelings of inadequacy (due to his mother’s Caucasian genetics) were at the heart of his inability to connect with more than half of America and American values?

Starkly apparent was the simple fact that Americans felt the country was going in the wrong direction. This statistic was glaringly present in polls throughout the campaign.

But let’s not forget that the policies specifically adopted by this president that helped cause this country’s racial and economic divide were those that were never attached to Barack Obama, nor to his administration.

Oddly enough, the Rush Limbaugh Theorem (that which states that nothing that Obama did or said was ever attached to Obama himself) bears this out in case after case.

Nowhere in the media was there ever a question that the problems of Obama’s presidency and the controversies surrounding him were his to bear.

So, how did Obama, a man who was president for eight long years and yet never achieved a level of success close to what was anticipated by his supporters, end up being known for endless scandals?

In short, why did he fail? Why did he almost drive the country into the freakin’ ground?

One answer: It must be “Whiteness.”

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