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Billy Graham’s Son Has Just 10 Savage Words For Any Politician Who Defends Islam

Despite its ever-increasing body count, the Left just can’t seem to get off the Islam bandwagon.

No matter how many lives are lost or how blatantly intolerant Muslims act, it’s never enough to convince liberals their unconditional support for the religion and its adherents makes no sense.

They apparently see Muslims as a weapon to be wielded against conservatives, even though at the end of the day, allowing millions of them into Western countries will ultimately result in an Islamic demographic takeover.

Conservatives have been scratching their heads over liberals’ love-affair with Islam for years but it’s gotten so extreme, as has their conversely proportional mistreatment of Christians, that folks are starting to speak out without fear.

The latest high-profile conservative to call out the Left’s hypocrisy is Franklin Graham, the son of the legendary pastor Billy Graham.

As reported at Breitbart, a celebrated evangelical pastor himself, Franklin Graham took to Twitter, where he urged politicians and world leaders to stop referring to Islam as a religion of peace, when in fact it’s the most violent of all major religions.

His simple tweet read:

He said this in response to the latest Islamic terror attack in Europe, this time in the Spanish city Barcelona, where a truck ran through a crowd, killing at least 15 people.

His tweet also contained a link to a Facebook post he made, further explaining why he thinks it’s necessary for our leaders to stop pretending Islam is peaceful.

In his politically incorrect post, Graham wrote that “we are making a mistake by allowing the operation and spread of the dark and dangerous teachings of Islam.”

From Bangladesh to Los Angeles, Salafis spread their violent beliefs shielded by the constitutional guarantees of free speech and religious liberty,” Graham writes, citing an article written by former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright.

The radical beliefs described “aren’t limited to only the Salafis sect,” Graham adds.

While there are millions of Muslims who don’t agree with or participate in the violence of Islam, they can’t leave the religion because their families would be obligated to kill them.”

Islam reigns in lives through fear and intimidation. I pray that Muslims everywhere will come to know Jesus Christ, the Son of God who loves them and can truly set them free.


The Word of God tells us, ‘So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed,’” he wrote.

Graham isn’t the first Christian leader to call for an end to the politically correct treatment of Islam, but his voice is certainly one of the most influential.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense and intellectual honesty knows that Islam is anything but peaceful, and that the Left’s constant apologizing and excuse-making for Muslims is disgusting and delusional.

They treat Christians like we’re the most deplorable, irredeemable creatures on earth, which only proves how disconnected from reality they are.

The Left’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, nor does their lust for power.

If we’re not careful, their actions will permanently endanger our civilization, as they’re trying desperately to hand the keys of the West over to the Muslim invaders.

Source: Breitbart

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