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Black Lives Matter Makes 1 Outrageous Demand – Now Patriots Are Boiling Mad

In what might be the least surprising development of the year, leftists are using the tragedy in Charlottesville to initiate a full court press against our First Amendment rights.

The Left has always salivated over the prospect of curtailing free speech, as they desperately want to be like our foolish allies in Europe, using the State to squash views that don’t conform to left-wing ideology.

With the media and political world in hysterics over the events of this weekend, it’s causing leftists to become bolder, and Republicans to capitulate even faster.

Confederate and Southern monuments and symbols are under even greater threat than before, as radical groups are taking it upon themselves to tear them down and calling on politicians to ban symbols altogether.

As reported at the Daily Caller, the official Twitter account of Black Lives Matter and the organization’s Chicago branch have announced that all Confederate groups, flags and statues “should be illegal” in the United States.

They predictably pulled the Nazi card to justify their claims, saying that government officials should look to Germany’s decision to outlaw “the Nazis, their symbols, salutes” and flags after World War II, which is still enforced to this day.

Doing something even tangentially related to Nazism will land you a huge fine/in prison.

This farce started when the Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter sent out two tweets on Monday afternoon related to Confederate symbolism.

The official Black Lives Matter Twitter account then retweeted the Chicago branch’s messages to all 252,000 of its followers.

I guess only convenient crimes against humanity are remembered by the Left.

Funny how the crimes of communism, a global ideology that infected the world during the twentieth century, gets a pass.

I guess the blood of tens of millions, and decades of oppression in countless nations doesn’t qualify for the ban. The hammer and sickle is okay, but the hood and cloak is just too much for liberals.

That’s a pretty inconsistent stance to take but when it comes to leftists, we can’t expect them to actually deal in anything except double standards and hypocrisy.

Source: Daily Caller

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