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Black Lives Matter Got This Girl FIRED For Defending Cops…But She Just Got The Last Laugh

The political correctness virus has been infecting every sector of this country’s socioeconomic structure.

Did you know suspects aren’t “suspects” anymore?

That’s just one particularly laughable example.

From the “religion of peace” lie by CAIR to the global warming MYTH (NASA just released a study claiming the world has cooled by 5% in the past 35 years), the PC police and flat-out lies continue to flood the media.

Now Black Lives Matter has gone from one crazy admonition to the next, attempting to feed off the White guilt Liberals have cultivated with such guile.

MAD World News:

“In 2014, black liberals took to the streets to riot over the death of Michael Brown, destroying their own neighborhoods and threatening the lives of whites and law enforcement officials.

Endangering the lives of selfless first responders, looting thugs sought to silence and harm anyone standing up for true racial equality opposed to their violent supremacy.

Unfortunately, this meant that anyone with a differing opinion could face losing their jobs or, worse, their lives.

Despite the risk, one young woman decided to take a stance on the political and racial hypocrisy.

Taking to Facebook in August 2014, Charlotte Fire Department’s former fire investigator Crystal Eschert vented to friends, not only calling out Black Lives Matter thugs but the politicians who supported the terrorist group.

Soon after making the post, the North Carolina department told Eschert that she was terminated because of her ‘offensive and inflammatory’ message.

However, 2 years later, the indomitable young woman received the best payback imaginable.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Eschert took the department to court for retaliation and won a massive $1.5 million lawsuit against them on Thursday.

In a monumental win, the jury awarded Eschert the giant payout after the city admitted and defended its right to fire her over the Facebook post.”

Eschert’s attorneys also brought up the specter of Linda Harvey, the woman who originally lodged the complaint against the firefighter.

As it turned out, Linda Harvey didn’t even exist.  As the city’s case fell apart, it was apparent that in order to enforce political correctness, one must bear false witness.

In this case, the false witness was really was a FALSE witness.

How sad for Liberals.

Sources:  MAD World News, The Charlotte Observer

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