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After Black Lives Matter Mob Goes Berserk, 1 College Make A Shocking Decision

For conservatives on a college campus, life can be very difficult.

Almost every professor and administrator will disagree with your politics, if not outright despise you.

Furthermore, voicing one’s opinions becomes nearly impossible; that is, if you want to avoid angering your professors/fellow students and be “disciplined” in some way.

For the liberal snowflakes, however, college allows one to freely express one’s views, no matter how degenerate and illogical. And up until recently, it gave you license to not only spew hatred at conservatives, but to prevent them from speaking altogether.

While this has been the norm around the country, one college has stepped up to hold liberals accountable for trying to block students from hearing a conservative speaker, a rare occurrence on any campus.

As reported at Independent Journal Review, at Claremont McKenna in California, leftist students, many of whom were associated with the domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, tried to form a human blockade to prevent students from attending a talk given by conservative Heather MacDonald.

The school administrators accused the students of breaching “the perimeter safety and security fence and campus safety line” while forming “human barriers to entrances and exits.”

The result? The school is suspending 7 of the alt-left protesters, and that’s a significant win for free speech everywhere.

Across the country, it’s standard for leftist mobs to shut down conservative speakers, usually before they even have a chance to give their talks.

But in a very surprising turn, the university actually punished left-wing protesters, something that will probably go down in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Conservatives may be pleasantly surprised by the school’s action, but the Left isn’t. The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf, who is a grade-A leftist tool, complained that the school’s punishment for the student protesters was “overly harsh.”

He backed up his opinion by quoting another liberal whack-job, “human rights” lawyer Nana Gyamfi, who thought that the BLM protestors were entirely “justified” in shutting down the speech because they felt their lives were “threatened” by the speaker/conservative views.

Despite their useless opinions, the university has stuck to its guns, saying such actions were necessary to “further strengthen our resolve.”

The statement continued:

In the aftermath of the blockade on April 6, the College learned important lessons that must further strengthen our resolve.


Our Athenaeum must continue to invite the broadest array of speakers on the most pressing issues of the day.

Our faculty must help us understand how to mitigate the forces that divide our society. Our students must master the skills of respectful dialogue across all barriers.

Our community must protect the right to learn from others, especially those with whom we strongly disagree.

And Claremont McKenna College must take every step necessary to uphold these vital commitments.”


I hope this statement came with a trigger warning, because there are sure to be students crying in the fetal position after hearing that opposing views need to be heard.

I applaud the move by the school admins for putting their foot down early to deter and mitigate future incidents like this.

If only other universities did the same, instead of kowtowing to the demands of a bunch of children…

Source: Independent Journal Review

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