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Black Lives Matter Targets Innocent Cop – Police Fire Back With 1 Powerful Message

The rise of Black Lives Matter and the general radicalization of the Left has made police officers’ jobs far more difficult.

The elevated suspicion and lack of cooperation that’s gripped many minority communities has made it difficult for cops to monitor and keep people safe in the places that most require help.

Not only that, they have to be on their toes like never before, as targeted assassinations have become a very real threat.

It’s definitely not a good time to be a cop in America, but despite the Left’s bullying of the police and constant stream of criticism, officers are starting to hit back at the spreading anti-police sentiment.

As reported at the Conservative Tribune, an incident in Philadelphia that resulted in police shooting a suspect after an altercation with an officer, has caused BLM to stage anti-cop protests.

As usual, the group and its followers are ignoring any of the context and facts of the case. They even rallied an angry mob to the officer’s home to intimidate him.

Threatening the officer at his home prompted the local police union to hold a protest of their own.

They dubbed it the “Back the Blue” rally, at which officers had some harsh words for the BLM radicals.

When you go to work each day, you shouldn’t have to worry that a pack of rabid animals will suddenly show up at your home and openly threaten your family,” declared John McNesby, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5.

These are not activists, they are racist hate groups determined to instigate violence,” he continued.

The incident that has everyone worked up involved a man who was stopped for illegally riding a dirt bike in town.

During the stop, Officer Ryan Pownall discovered the suspect was carrying a handgun illegally. The two then got into a fight and Pownall ultimately used lethal force to stop the perpetrator.

A witness in back of Pownall’s police vehicle watched [Officer] Pownall pull his service weapon and warn Jones not to touch the gun, police said.


The two men scuffled before Jones allegedly grabbed his handgun, according to police,” reported WCAU News.

A 9mm handgun was reportedly found at the scene, and at least one witness confirms that Jones was armed and refused to stop when ordered by the police.

What should be a relatively cut and dry case has been taken advantage of by BLM to stir up racial anger.

This is the new normal, where every police shooting involving a minority turns into some referendum on cops as a whole, and their supposed racism and violence.

It’s sad thing to see a death so shamelessly used for political gain, but it’s the Left we’re talking about. Never let a crisis go to waste, right, liberals?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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