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Black Lives Matter Protest Spins Out Of Control – Massive Fires Erupt, Police Attacked

It used to be that when you wanted to vacation in Europe, you’d just buy the tickets with absolutely no regard to whether or not that country would be safe.

That just wasn’t a concern in the good ol’ days.

But today, not only do you have to worry about normal everyday crime, exchange rates, and general overall European loathing for all things American, you also have to worry about growing civil unrest.

That apparently includes terrorist organizations.

Somehow, some way, Black Lives Matter protesters in London are operating in the same exact way that they are here in the U.S.

And just like here, they are rioting, committing arson, assaulting police, and joining forces with the Socialist Worker Party to disrupt vital emergency services by directing them away from areas where they may actually be needed.


Rioters threw projectiles at the police line and set fire to bins at the demonstration in Forest Hill in the borough of Newham.

The protest was called after the death of Edir Frederico Da Costa, 25, on the 21st of June, six days after Metropolitan Police officers in Newham stopped him in a car.

Activists claim he was beaten by police and left with a broken neck.

However, the Independent Police Complaints Commission said a preliminary post-mortem indicated there were no spinal injuries caused by police, The Times reports.

In total, six police officers were injured, with one male officer sustaining facial injuries and a female officer suffered a head injury, the force revealed in a statement.

The protest of around 200 people started on Sunday afternoon with people holding Black Lives Matter signs made by a group called Stand Up to Racism, which is connected to the disgraced Socialist Workers Party.

Echoing the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S., they chanted: ‘No justice, peace! Fuck the police!’

Signs bearing the logo of the Movement for Justice (MfJ) group can also bee seen in photographs – the same open-borders organisation that called the ‘Day of Rage’ protest last week that aimed to ‘shut down London’ and ‘bring down the government’.

As the sun set, things turned violent.

Four rioters were arrested for the offences of arson, disorder, and criminal damages. Helicopters were scrambled and roads were closed in the demonstration, which continued until at least 3 am.”

Looks like the people behind a “Day Without Immigrants” have embraced this movement.

And frankly, if these events continue to spin wildly out of hand, we could be looking at another civil war situation…except it could encompass the entire globe, and it will be the fault of only one group of people.

Yep, liberals.

Sources:  Breitbart, The Times

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