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Black Woman Spots White Couple With A Boat…What Happens Next Will SHOCK You

“Fake News” are stories reported as the truth, but are actually half-truths, misleading facts, or outright lies.

The liberal media has been caught spreading fake news at an alarming rate since Donald Trump won the presidential election, a fact our commander-in-chief frequently points out.

But what do you call news that none of the major media wants to touch? “Orphan News?”

Well, if Orphan News had a poster child, that would be Hillary Clinton. After all, she was MIA in the media for a period of nearly two months while she recovered from her bout with “pneumonia”.

More likely, though, Orphan News comes in the form of those news stories that alert Americans to the truth, or touch upon a subject whose details precisely counter the Leftist narrative.

The following Orphan News was originally reported by a local television station in Virginia and has been quickly picked up on Right wing media outlets.

Of course, the rest of the Leftist media has completely neglected this orphan, probably because it counters the Black Lives Media narrative and of course, we can’t have THAT.

Conservative Tribune:

“An apparent racially motivated crime at a gas station in Virginia has led to the arrest of a woman who allegedly attacked a couple and damaged their car and boat in part because they were white and had ‘fancy’ vehicles, according to a local news report.

Angela Jones, a 26-year-old from Newark, New Jersey, was arrested Wednesday after she was identified as the woman who went on a rampage at a gas station off Interstate 95 in central Virginia, WTVR-TV reported.

During the attack, Jones, who is black, allegedly said she was ‘sick of fancy white people.’


This 26-year-old then grabbed a hammer and began smashing the couple’s car and boat with it.

The man intervened by grabbing the woman and holding her, but when he let her go, she then clawed his face with the hammer and broke the hammer on the boat!

At that point, she spat at the woman in the vehicle and launched a series of racial slurs toward her. Luckily, someone had snapped a photo of the altercation and police were able to nab the woman from the photo and video.

They are attempting to get this categorized as a hate crime, but the real story here is that neither ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, the AP, NPR, or Reuters have touched this orphan.

And they never mention one of the many Muslim crimes and atrocities perpetrated on a daily basis, either.

It’s a sad time in journalism.

Sources: Conservative Tribune, WTVR-TV

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