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Black YouTuber Goes Rogue, Says Trump Is ‘Absolutely Correct’ About 1 Thing

An open secret known to all honest folks is this:

The real racists in America are liberals.

The folks actively Balkanizing the nation and constantly ripping open old wounds and pouring salt into them are members of the Left.

Most conservatives just want to live their lives peacefully, wherever and around whomever they want.

But that’s not acceptable to leftists. They have to go around breaking people into all sorts of groups, so they can then pander to them and make people feel special and cared for.

It’s a disgusting tactic that has unfortunately been incredibly successful. When it comes to minorities, success is all but guaranteed.

With their ubiquitous control over the media and academia, they beat it into everyone’s head at a young age that conservatives are racist, that they discriminate and don’t care about non-whites.

Sadly, their message hypnotizes many, but every now and then some will turn away from what is essentially modern day slavery, that is, the slavery of dependence the Left peddles to minorities.

When this happens, the real face of the Left is exposed, as they’ll viciously attack any non-white that dares turn away from their ideology.

But once you escape the Left’s grasp, there’s no going back, because once you accept the truth and take off the blinders, it’s just not possible to put them back on.

This is what one black Youtube star has come to realize, and she’s using her platform to spread the truth about the Left’s racist agenda.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, Youtuber Candace Owens used her burgeoning channel to dismantle the narrative of Black Lives Matter and the leftist media in a new video that has gone viral.

With the help of another YouTube personality called Red Pill Black, her epic rant is getting all sorts of attention, as she calls out the media’s “fake racial war” narrative.

It’s the media’s fault. The media is creating this entire narrative. And it’s crazy, absolutely crazy to me that people have not figured this out yet.

I mean, why didn’t we hear a single thing about David Duke, white supremacy, and the KKK the entire time Obama was in office?

Do you think they were all hiding underground waiting for the next white president, kneading by the light of the moon?

Do you really believe that weren’t actually meeting, holding protests and having rallies and marches? Maybe the media wasn’t covering it. Use your brain.”

The media is literally simulating a reality right now. It is fascinating to watch over and over again.

Am I the only person in the world that relies on her own experience to dictate what is going on in the world?”

Owens then said what conservatives have screamed about the left-wing media for years, that there’s far more pressing concerns to talk about when it comes to the black community.

As an African-American woman in this country, some things I’m actually afraid of are the education system and the prison system.

These are two institutions that actually oppress and disadvantage African-Americans and keep us in the cycle of crime and poverty.

But you won’t hear the media talking about that. Nope. The media is going to keep encouraging us to act like absolute animals to make sure we get arrested and end up in that system.

And to make sure that we do not have a shot at getting into the schools and receiving the education that will close the gap and the barrier for African-Americans.”

Owens has seen the light so to speak. The truth that leftists fear and do everything possible to hide.

They couldn’t care less about the overall health of the black community. In reality, they prefer blacks to be impoverished and crime ridden, because that makes it far easier to solicit their support.

It gives them greater latitude to pander and make empty promises, which is what they’ve done for decades.

And look what’s happened to the black community; it’s in shambles, exactly where the Left wants it.

This is the ugly truth that far too many Americans turn away from and dare not think about, because all the implications that come with it.

But if the problem’s ever going to get fixed, as a nation, we’re going to have to stare the ugly truth in the face.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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