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Just In: Blue Lives Matter Scores GARGANTUAN Victory – Our Brave Officers Are CHEERING!

Well, sir, when Liberal policies backfire, they REALLY BACKFIRE, don’t they?

Take, for instance, the time Hillary pressed Donald Trump on stage to say that he would accept the results of the election no matter what happened.

He joked at the time that he would accept the election results…if he won. Then, of course, her knight in shining armor (the Leftist moderator) jumped in to press Donald on her behalf.

As it turned out, Donald did win and the VERY FIRST THING that Hillary did was initiate a three-State recount effort (using Jill Stein as a useful idiot, of course).

Then there’s the famous Harry Reid “nuclear option” that was put in place in the Senate to ensure that Democrats got their way when it came to Supreme Court nominees.

Now that the shoe’s on the other foot, Leftists everywhere in the media and in the Capitol are warning that Republicans better not use an underhanded “nuclear option” or there’ll be hell to pay!

Well, here we go again.

Independent Journal Review:

“In 2016, a series of high-profile, officer-involved shootings made the law enforcement community the focus of an intense national debate.

At the same time, police officers in states across the U.S. found themselves the targets of deadly attacks, seemingly for no other reason than their chosen profession.

Now, Kentucky lawmakers have joined a growing trend that makes an attack on a first responder among the most heinous crimes that can be committed — a move that, as Fox News notes, has not been without its own wave of controversy.

The ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bill — which Governor Matt Bevin (R-KY) signed into law this week, but that won’t take effect until July — will make an attack on any first responder nothing short of a ‘hate crime.'”

Party of the Jackass members are just fit to be tied, now that they’ve realized that the very same sketchy laws they managed to guilt lawmakers into enacting during the Clinton years are currently being used against some of their highly supported issues.

Too bad, right?

The Kentucky ACLU itself is basically spouting some of the most incoherent arguments against such legislation, sounding like a very bad version of a Monty Python skit:

“They hate us so much that they need hate crime protection.”
“I’m here for an argument.”
“No, you’re not.”
“Yes, I am.”
“I’m sorry, is this the full hour argument you’ll be paying for?”

Just like a couple of typical ACLU Leftists.

We SUPPORT our brave men and women in blue, and when criminals stand in courts of law and say things like, “fu** the police,” we realize just how much danger they’re in, every single day.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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