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Epic: Bombshell Rant Sets Internet ABLAZE…Liberals Humiliated! [WATCH]

Donald Trump is a white male.

Get over it.

Such was part of The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren’s epic rant when addressing MTV and frankly, this was a long time coming. Conservatives have been screaming their defense for years, desperately trying to make liberals see that all this “white privilege” garbage equates to only one word:


Lahren was having no part of it, though, and she really let fly in the following speech that absolutely every American should see. It’s nothing more than common sense and a fitting diatribe in a toxic culture where we have college courses called “The Problem With Whiteness.”

Really, this will make your day:

Here are a few of the best snippets and she cites a recent MTV video supposedly designed for white males:

Pop culture is so riddled with double standards from the intolerant, unloving left. Forget white privilege, to be truly advantaged and free to speak and express in this country you don’t have to be a certain color but apparently you must be a liberal snowflake. Case and point: MTV released a series of resolutions specifically targeting white males. 

[VIDEO of MTV video to white males]

What is this garbage? Apparently white males aren’t allowed to say All Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter or ‘woke’ because a group of snowflakes on MTV say so. Now, I don’t think so. Let me help y’all out because you clearly don’t get it, and since I’m a white female, I guess that crap might not fully apply to me anyway, right?

Congratulations to the leftist propaganda that has attempted to make white guilt a reality, that has basically been nothing but overtly racist in their agenda. The word “diversity” to a liberal translates to “no white people” and if they try to say otherwise, they’re lying. Every action they make proves they’re lying.

Thank you, Tomi!

Source: Real Clear Politics

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