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Curious 11-Year-Old Boy Peeks Inside His Dad’s Suitcase…Then Immediately Dials 911

When I was in elementary school (soooo long ago), they taught us something called the Golden Rule.

Of course, today, everyone knows that as “you should always tell the truth.”

Everyone remembers that ’90s commercial where a dad looked down on his son and in his hand, he held a joint. Then he angrily asked, “Where did you even learn to do this?”

Then the boy says, with a mad teary-eyed look, “I learned it from watching you!”

Yeah, good commercial. It also goes without saying that younger kids who are taught that, “Drugs are bad, m’kay?” are more likely to look at your habits disdainfully.

But it takes a special kind of child to teach his father a very important lesson…

Fox News:

“An 11-year-old boy helped Massachusetts cops bust his father on a drug trafficking charge.

The boy dropped a dime on his father Wednesday, according to reports.

Lawrence police quoted the boy as saying his father had a stash of drugs in a suitcase, and that he had seen him selling drugs earlier in the day.

Yamil Mercado, 40, faced a judge Friday on charges of trafficking heroin and reckless endangerment. He was ordered held without bail.

Lawrence Police Chief James Fitzpatrick called the boy “brave.”

Police said they seized 200 grams of heroin mixed with the powerful opioid, fentanyl, from Mercado.

The boy is in the care of family members. Child welfare workers are investigating.”

Furthermore, the child had reported his father to state authorities earlier in the year, but was apparently ignored.  This time, the police didn’t hesitate.

It is this type of parental behavior that is exactly why so many children end up in foster care, where they are often worse off than in a broken home.

Perhaps we should start paying closer attention to our children, and we should continue to battle the flow of drugs.

Using $14 billion of confiscated drug money to build the southern border wall would be a damn good start.

Source:  Fox News

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