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Breaking Poll Results: America Weighs In On Russian Election Hacks, A Clear Victory For…

The left are trying to make much out of bogus claims that Russia tried to interfere with our election.

Even though Russia had little to gain from either Trump or Clinton winning the White House, and there’s a shocking lack of evidence, the media still try to use these rumors to undermine Trump’s future presidency.

The vast and decisive win of Trump over Clinton is a statement that millions of Americans are tired of insider politics and the destructive liberal policies of Obama. They wanted an outsider who will speak his mind and put Americans first, not an apologist who used the office as a social experiment, often putting other nations and immigrants first.

It’s very obvious when you think about it.  Yet the media doesn’t think. They merely want to push these made up narratives in a desperate attempt to deceive the American public. They did it during the election to get Hillary elected.

And guess what? It failed then and it’s failing now.

From Fox News:


A majority of American voters think there was no real effect on the presidential race from Russian cyber-attacks, according to a new Fox News Poll. 

CIA officials reportedly believe Russian hackers meddled in the election to help Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton.  Yet 59 percent of voters believe the hacking didn’t make a difference. 

The poll finds 32 percent think Russia did help Trump in the election, while just one percent says the cyber-attacks aided Clinton.

The liberal media no longer use facts to back their stories, only wildly speculation, emotional manipulation, and outright lies. They have no proof that Russia hacked anything; even their claims that the “CIA” are saying this have been debunked by top intelligence officials.

But even if Russia is behind the email leaks, Americans are smart enough to make up their own minds.  They made their choice based on the issues facing America. Trump was the right pick and from state to state, the people knew it.

Maybe the left and the media will catch up with us one day. If not, well we’ll leave them in the dust.

Source: Fox News

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