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BREAKING: Trump Just Got Some AWESOME News…Liberals Are Losing Their Minds!

When we heard about rogue electors seeking to overturn state law that requires them to back the choice of the voters, we all had the same thought, didn’t we?

Political stunt.

The “Hamilton Electors,” two Colorado electors that wanted to “unbind” their votes in the Electoral college, have been trying to hide behind several other reasons. But we all know what they were really doing, and so did the federal judge that just rejected their attempt.

According to a report in The Denver Post, judge Wiley Daniel started off by saying- “Part of me thinks this is really a political stunt to prevent Mr. Trump from being president.” Eventually, he came ’round to the conclusion that, well…ALL of him believes it’s a stunt:

A federal judge on Monday rejected an attempt by two Colorado electors to unbind their votes in the Electoral College, saying the effort designed to impede Donald Trump’s path to the White House is “a political stunt.”

U.S. District Judge Wiley Daniel denied a request for a preliminary injunction to nullify a state law that requires presidential electors to vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote. To do otherwise, Daniel said in his ruling from the bench, “would undermine the electoral process.”

The Hamilton Electors won’t stop there, though, as they plan to appeal the judge’s ruling. They want a judicial precedent that will allow any member of the Electoral College to vote for whomever they like, though it’s unlikely this will happen.

Had they been successful with Wiley, they would’ve tried to persuade their counterparts to select an alternative like Mitt Romney, though so far, only one Republican elector said he wouldn’t vote for Trump.

At every turn, people are shooting down attempts to stop Donald Trump from taking the Oval Office chair. Want to know why?

Because he was elected President of the United States fair and square. Done.

Source: The Denver Post

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