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EPIC: California Anti-Trump Idiocy DESTROYED By One Of Its Own…Dems Are Furious!

With Trump’s huge win to the White House, the left are running scared.

We’ve talked frequently over the last month and a half about their pitiful reactions to the election. From tears of rage to calls for assassinations, liberals’ responses to Trump’s win are downright disgraceful.

Perhaps the sorest losers of them all are California’s leaders (big shock there). Unlike the rest of the country, California voted in more liberals in this election. The state consistently demonstrates that their values are radically different than the rest of the country’s.

Even when their own people vote a certain way, their legislators and courts overturn it. Not a very democratic or freedom-loving state, if you ask me. More and more they look like their buddies in Communist Cuba.

Their latest antics not only disgrace their state, but our very nation and its democratic process.

From Louder With Crowder:

I know, California being a pit of leftist hades is hardly news… But that awfulness has reached a fever pitch since the election… The Golden State’s latest move? The legislature has drafted a resolution condemning Donald Trump in Californian fashion.

“Monday marked the first day of session for the California State Legislature. It is a day where all California State representatives are sworn into office and commit to defending the Constitution. It has traditionally been a day of celebration, a renewed scene of bipartisanship and putting the people first.

Unfortunately, the Democrat majority decided to break from tradition by introducing a bitterly partisan and hypocritical Resolution that condemns President-elect Donald J. Trump and seeks to further divide our country along politically expedient lines.

Now more than ever, we must come together as a country rather than stooping to cheap tricks in an effort to grab headlines.”

The woman condemning the move was California Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez. That’s right, a Californian leader doing and saying something sensible.

It’s sad and shocking that an entire state of leaders would go so far as to condemn a man, BEFORE HE EVEN TAKES OFFICE. This is proof positive that the left’s agenda against Trump has never been based on facts or policy, but bitterness that this successful, outsider businessman could beat out their candidate.

What makes it further damning is that only one of their leaders had the guts to speak out over this hypocrisy. A day that should reaffirm the state’s unity with our country turned into a pathetic attempt at jabbing the future President.

What do these Californian leaders think will happen, once Trump takes office? Passing legislation to condemn the man before he even has a chance to make decisions will only drive a wedge between the state and the federal government. Does California think they will get preference from our government the next time a drought rolls by? What about all the tax breaks Hollywood enjoys?

So the state’s leadership is jeopardizing their relationship with the rest of the country, simply to say they don’t like Trump.

I’d expect nothing less from California.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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