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HORRIFYING: California Orders Cops To Protect Terrorists…America Is Stunned!

If you had to guess which state was responsible for issuing such an absurd, illogical, and ultimately despicable order, how many guesses would you need?

One, right?

California has now officially stepped over the line, apparently prioritizing the lives of terrorists even when they’re in the act of attacking civilians. The San Francisco Police Commission has proposed a method of dealing with terrorists who plow into crowds with vehicles…and it’s just outrageous.

The Commission revised the use of force policy and are now forcing cops to “de-escalate” a terrorist situation by using only non-lethal force. This new change relates specifically to using a vehicle as a weapon, apparently; the police can’t kill the terrorist, and they can’t draw their guns because that would “scare” people.

…guess that’s scarier than a car running over helpless, innocent civilians.

epa04458261 Israeli police examine a car at the scene of what is believed to be an terrorist attack in Jerusalem, Israel, 22 October 2014. According to Israeli police 20-year-old Palestinian driver Abd al-Rahman al-Shaloudi, a resident of the West Bank village of Silaud, slammed his car into a Jerusalem light rail train station. Police shot the driver suspected of deliberately ramming his car into the station, injuring at least nine bystanders, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. He was not immediately able to confirm reports that the driver had died in hospital or that a 3-month-old injured while waiting at the station had also died. The driver was reported to have served time in an Israeli jail for security-related offenses. EPA/ABIR SULTAN

This according to Joe For America citing Blue Lives Matter, which, like most thinking Americans, has an appalled reaction. And the article does ask one important question as well:

Why is it that the people who have no clue about how minimizing terrorism works, feel that they are somehow qualified to criticize it?

Sure, we all understand that whipping out your gun and firing at random vehicles is probably a bad idea. But trying to stop a driver who wants to kill as many innocent civilians as possible? And how come there’s no suggestion as to how exactly the police deals with this situation in a “non-lethal” way?

Maybe it’s because the Commission in question has zero experience in the field, or maybe it’s just because California is even crazier than the rest of the country thinks. And that would be really, really crazy.


Source: Joe For America

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