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It’s Official! Princess Chelsea Reveals Her 2020 Plans. Should Donald Trump Be Worried?

For three generations Democrats have dreamed of another shot at a Kennedy-style Camelot legacy because, let’s face it, liberals are actually a bunch of lemmings that demands cults of personality to run their lives.

They thought they had found it in 1992 with the Clintons, but they turned out to be even more corrupt and icky than the Kennedy boys.

None the less, the dead ender establishment Dems kept the faith, hoping and praying that Chelsea would pick up the mantle and finally fulfill the promise that Bill’s penis and Hillary’s black soul had denied them.

How’s that working out? (The money line is at 3:00 minutes)

Via HotAir…

She’s asked whether she’s thinking of running for anything, not whether she’s thinking of running for president, and yet somehow the idea of it was plausible enough to her that she felt she had to formally deny it. It’s like having a casual acquaintance come up to you to say that he’s sorry but he simply can’t make it to your wedding when he wasn’t invited and never, ever would have been. Do her media pals here really not understand that, after last year’s trauma, Democrats won’t go near another Clinton as nominee for 50 years? At least not one who’s palpably much more like Hillary than like Bill.

Oh please, Democrat establishment, don’t throw America in the briar patch!

Source: HotAir

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