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Just In: Chicago Mayor Goes To War With President Trump – Do You Think This Is Treason?

The immigration war has been reignited thanks to the showdown over DACA.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an immigration program designed to protect illegal alien children under 18 who were unwittingly brought here by their parents.

This group is often referred to as DREAMers, a clever, Soviet-like term attached to them to make it more difficult for conservatives to criticize.

Because who wants to be accused of trampling on kids’ dreams?

DACA protects them from deportation and was put in place by Obama in 2012. The program is highly popular on the Left, but Trump’s controversial decision to end it this week has sparked a national firestorm.

Trump’s action has caused blue states to file suit against the federal government, and cities to announce open defiance to the program’s dissolution.

All across the left-wing media, clowns are acting like it’s the apocalypse, like Trump is evil and cruel for removing the protections.

And one of the quickest and staunchest cities signaling its self-righteous defiance is Chicago. You know, the city that has turned into a horrifying war zone?

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, an original member of Obama’s disastrous first administration, has declared that the city is a “Trump-free zone.”

To all the Dreamers that are here in this room, and in the city of Chicago, you are welcomed in the city of Chicago,” Emmanuel told students on the first day of school.

This is your home and you have nothing to worry about.

He then addressed President Trump directly:

Chicago, our schools, our neighborhoods, our city, as it relates to what President Trump said, will be a Trump-free zone.”

Bravo, bravo Rahm, so brave and righteous of you, the most corrupt mayor in the United States and originator of the “never let a crisis go to waste” mantra of the radical Left.

While Rahm is acting tough, he obviously has no authority to prevent the president from entering the city. However, as Chicago has already been doing, it does appear they’ll continue to not cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Which means nothing is really changing.

They were already protecting non-DACA illegals, so it’s hardly surprising to see them take the opportunity to act all high and mighty, as if they’re extending “protections” to those under DACA. They were already the most fiercely shielded.

The maelstrom of criticism emanating from the media and liberal sphere hasn’t deterred Trump or caused him to regret his decision, however.

On Wednesday, after a meeting with representatives from both parties, he said he’s had “no second thoughts.” The Trump administration is arguing that Obama didn’t have the authority to enact DACA in 2012, and has asked Congress to review the issue.

How congressional Republicans will deal with the issue is of great interest.

Since the GOP has become the party of capitulation, and refused to take an unmovable stand on any major conservative issue, there’s a very good chance they’ll drag their feet and force Trump to act on his own.

Many in the party are deathly afraid of the liberal media’s power of persuasion and not getting invites to the DC cocktail circuit, so you can expect quite a few to vote against the president.


Of course, already leading the GOP revolt against the president’s decision is John McCain, who’s been clamoring for full-blown amnesty for years.

At his side is the worthless Lindsey Graham-nesty, another long-time supporter of illegal immigration.

While Graham has tried to act like he’s okay with a DACA repeal, it’s only because it was an executive overreach by Obama in the first place. He wants Congress to implement a similar policy in it’s place, making it a “legitimate” legislative solution.

On top of Chicago, blue states, many of which were already defying Trump’s immigration orders, are rallying together to fight the president’s decision.

Fourteen states, along with the District of Columbia, filed their lawsuit on Wednesday. Using their favorite method of argumentation, appealing to emotion, Washington State Attorny General Bob Ferguson said:

The president has made numerous statements on the campaign trail and in office disparaging Mexicans.

We allege the president’s own statements make clear that DREAMers are being targeted based on their national origin.

Even if this guy wants to make this about “discrimination,” the reality is these people aren’t US citizens, therefore their argument is/should be moot from the start.

But thanks to the Left’s control of the courts, it won’t be surprising if they win the suit, as they did with Trump’s travel ban.

If a majority of DREAMers were caucasian, does anybody really think the president would have taken the action he took yesterday?” Ferguson then asked.

Oh, so he’s using the race card. Well, he may be right, but there’s nothing wrong with that, considering the fact that pre-Hart-Celler Act, immigration was almost exclusively from Europe.

And the fact remains that the US was founded by white folks and made up of 90+ percent of them until 1965.

I wonder why that’s a problem to leftists, considering the demographic makeup of nations like Mexico and other Central American nations are almost entirely homogenous.

The same goes for Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Congo, Morocco, Nigeria, etc. Why are they so against immigrants not being brown? Could it be that liberals have antipathy for whites, especially for the trajectory of their voting patterns?

Why must the entirety of the Western Hemisphere become an extension of Central America? Why is it wrong to want to pump the breaks on immigration from south of the border/altogether?


If leftists actually cared about Mexicans and all the other 2nd/3rd world immigrants that flock to the US, then they’d stop supporting the wholesale “theft” of the best and brightest from those respective countries.

The countries these people flee from suffer significant brain-drain, as those best positioned and most capable of bringing about positive, lasting change that would make natives actually want to stay put, are fleeing to the US in droves.

Precisely because we make it so easy and treat them better than American citizens. But leftists don’t really care. For them, immigration is all about bringing in the people most likely to vote for them, that’s it.

That’s what makes the Left’s support of unfettered immigration is so amusing, because it’s just prolonging the time it takes for other nations to get their act together, since we’re taking their best.

In reality, we’re indirectly hurting them and creating conditions that will only make more want to come here. It’s really insane and nonsensical when you think about it.

And even if this wasn’t the case, if the people immigrating to the US were all awesome, it still doesn’t mean there’s some moral imperative for the US to accept them. Either such an expectation applies to everyone or no one.

The US shouldn’t apologize for its immigration policies, nor let other nations guilt them into accepting their people. Mexico doesn’t apologize for it’s incredibly strict policies, nor does any other Central American nation.

The US shouldn’t, either. We’re a sovereign nation than dictate down to the letter who gets in. Just because some leftists and foreigners don’t like it doesn’t make it wrong.

MIT doesn’t lower its standard for applicants just because people complain it’s too hard to get in, so why should we let anyone that wants to come to the US through the door?

The reality is that we don’t owe illegals anything, including DACA folks.

Maybe the DACAs can stay here for the time being on temporary visas, maybe, but if they want citizenship, they should get in line with the immigrants that are actually respecting our nation’s laws.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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