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CNN Anchor Slanders President Trump On Live TV – Should She Be Fired?

It’s not the blatant leftist agenda of CNN that’s infuriating.

It’s the network’s obviously false claim that it’s somehow a source of unbiased news. The truth, of course, is that this is yet another disgusting lie.

And the lie is so obvious that CNN has rightly earned the title of “fake news.”

In fact, it is so obvious that one has to wonder whether CNN has a hiring policy that allows a maximum of 10 percent of its workforce to be Republican.

The fawning over all things liberal is beyond sickening and the network has become such a predictable laughingstock that it’s a bore.

More evidence to support this position, as if any more were needed, was presented on Monday.

CNN political commentator Angela Rye refused to acknowledge Donald Trump as her president. So, not so respectfully, we refuse to acknowledge Angela Rye as a competent journalist.

“CNN political commentator Angela Rye in a panel discussion on Monday refused to say that President Trump was her president, instead referring to him as ‘your president’ on two occasions.”

Here is one example.

“‘There are a lot of things that your president has done to defy logic. Let’s at least acknowledge that,’ Rye added.”

“Panelist Jack Kingston, a former GOP congressman who joined CNN earlier this year as a contributor, took issue with Rye referring to Trump as ‘your president.’

‘Your president, too, Angela. Your president, too,’ Kingston said to Rye directly.”

“‘Well, he’s your president,’ Rye retorted.

It’s this sort of childishness, coupled with its serving as an unacknowledged propaganda outlet for the left, that makes watching CNN such a waste of time.

“Anchor John Berman ended the segment by stating Trump is ‘the president of the United States.'”

Now there is a brave comment, and no doubt one that pained Mr. Berman to make. Yet no more painful than watching the network that employs him.

If you’ve got about ten minutes to kill, you can watch the segment above and draw your own conclusions.

Source:  The Hill

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