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CNN Dares Trump To Name 1 Fake News Story…Then Twitter Lights Up With Dozens Of Examples

CNN is hardly a news outlet anymore; now it’s a vehicle for promoting Leftist causes and politicians.

It is, to be blunt, a propaganda outlet for the Democrat Party.

The problem is that the network cannot or will not admit that. And that’s understandable. If forced to be honest it would have to publicly admit what we already know.

And it could then no longer disingenuously claim to be a legitimate source of news.

Given it’s blatant dislike for President Trump, the network sometimes overplays its hand with the result that it shoots itself in the foot.

This just happened when a CNN correspondent dared Trump to mention even one example of fake news promulgated by the network. Instead of just one, a torrent of examples were presented.

Via Allen B. West:

“As you’re all aware, President Donald Trump is no fan of CNN, having had referred to the news network first as ‘fake news,’ then ‘very fake news,’ along with a whole host of other insults.

In response to a tweet from Trump declaring that fake news was at an ‘all time high,’ Cillizza decided to respond in defense of his friends in the media (and his own network, of course).”

So here is Cillizza’s challenge:

And then the floodgates opened, demonstrating numerous examples of CNN spreading fake news and also demonstrating the Cillizza missed a great opportunity for keeping his mouth shut.

Those are just some of the examples that were presented to Mr. Cillizza to prove President Trump’s point.

When its correspondents get all self-righteous and boldly challenge opponents to prove the above statement incorrect, those efforts blow up in their faces simply because the allegations of leftist bias are blatantly obvious.

Mr. Cillizza, as an alleged journalist, should understand this.

However, he apparently let his emotions overrule his reason and now he’s paying for it.

Source: Allen B. West

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