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CNN Blasts Trump For Being Racist…And This NFL Legend Throws Down The Hammer! [WATCH]

This election has done a great deal to show Americans how corrupt, broken, and ultimately inadequate their news industry has become.

We can continue to talk about how they rigged the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. How they released bogus polls to make it look like she had an advantage. How they ignored the massive ground swell of support Trump was enjoying around the country. How they overblew his past issues and generally ignored the serious crimes connected to Clinton.

But we’ve gone over all that. Now in the wake of Trump’s win, do you think the media would learn their lesson? Of course not.

Despite the fact that outlets like the New York Times have “rededicated” themselves to honest journalism, these liberal companies continue to distort the facts, sometimes outright lying, to push their agenda. Their agenda being to discredit the incoming President.

This latest example shows how underhanded and spiteful channels like CNN really are.

From Louder With Crowder:

Jim Brown, a legit civil rights icon, met with the President-elect on how best to help the African-American community. Excuse me, on how to actually help the African-American community…

CNN in turn goes, “Yeah, bump that because OMG LOOK AT ALL THESE WHITE FACES!!!!”

At which point Jim Brown politely destroys the entire premise by pointing out how the three most influential people in his life…were white. Skin color only seems to matter to white liberals. You noticed that too, huh? Because I rather thought the fight against racism was ending the obsession with race. Perhaps after writing this post, I’ll write a letter to some liberals. I’ll be sure to include Hooked on Phonics. Words are hard.

I’ve talked quite about in the past about how the left are shockingly hypocritical. This is especially true when it comes to race.

Notice how CNN’s Baldwin doesn’t care about the credentials of Trump’s White House picks, how they’ve served our country for many years, offer vast experience and know-how to their positions.  She only looked at the color of their skin and tried to make that a problem.

Apparently to white liberals, being a competetent white person in America is not enough. Unless you are a minority, your abilities don’t matter.

She tried to bait Jim Brown into agreeing with her empty and pointless criticism. But Brown wisely rebutted her stupidity by praising three people who made the biggest impact in his life, three white people.

He showed the kind of common sense that is lacking in today’s media.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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