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KARMA: Coffee Giant’s DISGUSTING Muslim Agenda BACKFIRES…Patriotism WINS!

KARMA, baby!

Maybe the Democrat Party should exit the world of politics because they appear to be MUCH better at offering broken records and subliminal suggestion…

And if that doesn’t work, they just go full-on Mafia and attack anyone who disagrees with them, spewing any and all irrational filth in the process.

See, Liberals fancy themselves Kings and Queens of the World as they have many celebrities, mainstream media types, corporate giants and terrorists supporting them and their globalist-socialist agenda.

Starbucks is one of those corporation giants.

In response to the Trump executive order to place the nation’s safety above PC-driven narratives by temporarily halting the mass influx of refugees from terror-torn countries in the Middle East, Starbucks issued a goal of hiring 10K Muslim refugees over the next five years.

The resulting response by American consumers was quick and telling…and totally awesome.


“[S]ince the company issued its anti-Trump statement its brand name has lost its luster with customers. Perception levels of the Starbucks brand name fell by an incredible two-thirds since its January announcement, according to a YouGov survey, as reported by Yahoo Finance.

The survey measures how potential customers feel about a company’s brand and asks if they have ‘heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative.’

In the week before the company’s January refugees announcement, 30% of respondents said they would consider spending money at Starbucks. But after the statement that number fell to 24 percent, the survey discovered.

The company’s announcement immediately sparked a #BoycottStarbucks movement on Twitter and brought condemnation from coast to coast.


Not long after Starbucks issued its anti-Trump refugee statement, many Americans began to wonder why Starbucks is slighting the hiring of Americans — especially U.S. military veterans — in favor of refugees.”

Although the company issued a statement following the controversy that it stood by Veterans, it nevertheless neglected to issue a statement that it would be hiring 100 Vets over the next 5 years, let alone 10K.

This is just another example of Leftism believing it has a mandate, when in fact it is a vast minority when it comes to our nation’s safety.

All the while, President Trump is working to make America truly great again, and that includes paying proper homage and attention to the nation’s armed forces, something Obama never once did.

As for Starbucks…does anyone really care about their overpriced, shockingly low-quality crap? And aren’t we annoyed by their outrageously smug elitism that constantly socks you in the gut like a bag of oranges?

Source: Breitbart

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