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WHOA: Desperate Congressman Makes SHOCKING Move To Stop Trump…This Is Unbelievable!

I don’t know what to say about the left anymore.

Time and again after this election they’ve attacked Trump for no reason. First they staged “peaceful” protesters with paid demonstrators. Then they demanded a recount. Then they blamed Russia.

All this to ignore the fact that Donald Trump won the presidency because he was able to connect with voters in a way Hillary Clinton could not.

With the democrats’ huge loss in Washington, you’d think they would be working to rebuild their trust with the American people. That they would clear out the corrupt leaders who alienated so many and eradicate the toxic rhetoric and ideals that do not match the values of most citizens.

Instead they keep making excuses, buying into their own lies.

From New York Post:

A Democratic lawmaker is desperately lobbying the Electoral College to shun Donald Trump, and vote for Hillary Clinton — even though he conceded Monday that the Republican won the election “fair and square.”

The plea from Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) comes a week before the Dec. 19 vote, which is expected to affirm the results of the Nov. 8 election, in which Trump beat Clinton with 306 Electoral College votes.

“We’re 5 wks from Inauguration & the President Elect is completely unhinged. The electoral college must do what it was designed for,” Himes wrote Sunday night on Twitter in response to Trump’s gripe that NBC ‘Nightly News’ is ‘biased, inaccurate and bad, point after point.'”

Unhinged? Someone is certainly unhinged, but it’s not the President-Elect. Himes admits the man won fair and square, but still thinks the electorate should break the law by not casting their vote for Trump.

The left are looking for any mild excuse to turn on Trump, a man they’ve denigrated and demonized for over a year and a half. They refuse to face the reality that Trump is our next president. The next four years will be determined by him and his leadership in D.C.

The left have an ever-shrinking role in that future government, especially after they continue to criticize the man. Trump is no shrinking daffodil. He’s not one to be intimidated by a congressman who runs his mouth on Twitter.

Make no mistake, the excuses the left are giving against Trump hold no water. Himes’ argument that Trump shouldn’t criticize the CIA for a lousy job is ridiculous. We want a President who will speak his mind; who will not play political games and do good for our country.

The left have been playing politics for years, so it makes sense they don’t know how to deal with a real man.

Source: NY Post

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