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Cop-Haters Say Police Brutally Beat A Black Man – But Bodycam Shows The Truth

Anti-cop fervor has risen sharply in recent years, as the left-wing media incites rage and violence against police officers with their dangerous lies.

It’s all part of the narrative they’re trying to push, that evil cops are discriminating against folks based on the color of their skin.

But the truth is that no cop want to be put in these situations, much less use deadly force.

However, according to the liberal media, you’d think police officers were out hunting down folks for sport.

All of this false reporting and fear-mongering about cops has led to the wide adoption of body cams, so an unbiased account can be drawn from incidents.

And these cameras haven’t proven the Left’s slanderous claims about officers; instead, they’ve been providing vindication and protection from the lies of the media and criminal accusers.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, the latest example of body cam footage vindicating the police comes from Rainbow City, Alabama, where a family accused officers of police brutality.

The family took to Facebook to level the explosive accusations, posting a photo of the suspect with his front teeth knocked out and other injuries adorning his face and body.

Rainbow City beat him half to death and pushed him off a bridge,” the Facebook post alleged.

The Rainbow City Police Department saw the post and immediately released body cam footage of the incident, in order to prevent the public from be deceived by the lies surrounding the case.

In the video, the suspect can clearly be seen running away from officers, jumping over a barrier, and then falling 19 feet onto rocks below.

Officers shouted at the man, “Let me see your hands. Let me see your hands. He’s crawling. He’s crawling. He’s right there in the bushes.”

The perspective of the video is from an officer on the bridge, using his flashlight to guide his fellow squad mates below as they search for the suspect.

Despite being injured jumping from the bridge, the man hid and eventually ran away once more.


The cops were then forced to deploy a stun gun to stop him. The use of the stun gun, Police Chief Jonathan Horton said, was the only contact his officers had with the suspect.

This means all his injuries were self-inflicted, and that the criminal’s family was trying to smear the department and elicit sympathy from the easily deceived. But thanks to the body cam, there’s proof that the officers did nothing wrong.

Without the footage, the media would endlessly speculate about the case, ignoring facts that back the cops’ claims.

Nobody’s perfect, including cops. They make mistake and overstep sometimes. However, most are doing the best they can to protect our cities from criminals.

These new body cameras are a good thing, and will greatly help when it comes to holding the responsible parties accountable.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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