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Cops Force Antifa Thugs To Remove Their Masks – Then The World Learns The Pathetic Truth

Last Sunday’s Berkeley chaos has become a watershed moment for the media and Left in general.

Despite cheering on and instigating violence time and again in recent years, leftists have looked the other way and refused to acknowledge the radicalism brewing on their side.

But after a deluge of violence perpetrated by the terrorist Antifa group over the last two years, they’ve finally admitted that their side isn’t innocent.

Surprisingly, some of the most liberal institutions have criticized the group, shining a light on the organization and the various arteries that have facilitated its rapid growth.

While violence is their forte, the funny thing is, the average Antifa member is an effeminate, basement dwelling bum that supports communism for the express purpose of getting what they think will be a free ride.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, it’s standard for Antifa members to show up clad in black, faces covered, and blunt object in tow, but what happens when the mask is removed?

As we saw in Berkeley, without their masks to hide behind, they’re less than nothing, as the sorry state of their pitiful existence is revealed for all to see.

It’s amusing to see how powerless they are without their masks, as it makes smashing windows and beating people with pipes much more difficult to get away with.

And it opens up the possibility that mommy and daddy will see their special snowflake doing something they’re not supposed to do.

During the Berkeley violence, while one of the thugs named Emily Gillespie was being arrested for her crimes, on the verge of tears she screamed, “DON’T TAKE MY PICTURE!” at a reporter snapping away.

These terrorists think they’re fighting for some righteous cause but deep down inside, they know that altruism isn’t what drives them, it’s selfishness.

The desire to blame someone else for their failures and have a government sugar daddy to take care of them; that’s what drives them.

They’re okay with abdicating their freedom if it keeps the internet and TV on and the fridge loaded with frozen pizzas. They have no interest in actually contributing to society.

And when they’re literally unmasked, as they are here, the entire world sees them for the pitiful child-like cowards they really are.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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