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Cops Bust Into Mosque – When Islamists See What They’re Wearing, The Place Erupts

If a crime is in progress and the police arrive to stop the crime, arrest the culprits, or protect people’s lives, what is your number one concern?

If you’re not a Muslim, your #1 priority might not be even close to what a Muslim’s greatest concern is.

We understand differences in cultures and wish to respect those differences. However, there are times when any reasonable person would understand that cultural norms take a back seat to people’s safety.

Or at least they should.

A husband might not appreciate another man grabbing his wife, but if that other man happens to be a fireman rescuing her from a burning building, then it’s not only permissible, it’s expected.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with some Muslims.

In this case, the outrages was not over the improper touching of anyone, but that the police neglected to remove their shoes before entering a mosque in response to an emergency call.

Via Conservative Tribune:

When responding to a reported disturbance, several police officers entered the building [a mosque] with their shoes on, triggering a furious response from the estimated 400 worshippers who were inside.

“It is common practice for those entering a mosque to remove their shoes, but these police officers were more concerned about ensuring everyone was safe and the disturbance was dealt with than they were taking time to remove part of their uniform.

“Video from the scene showed many angry worshippers shouting at police officers. One worshipper can be heard yelling ‘get them out,’ referring to the officers.”

A common phrase applies here: “This isn’t going to work.”

On the one hand, the police are in trouble for not removing their shoes when responding to a call for assistance.

On the other hand, had they refused to respond because they would have to take off their shoes first, then they would have been in trouble for discriminating against Muslims or not responding to their legitimate needs.

“‘Officers were responding to an immediate call for assistance and as a result, and to prevent any serious harm to individuals or any further outbreak of violence, officers entered the mosque, and spoke to people who were present,’ said a Thames Valley police spokesman.

“An allegation of assault was recorded and officers are carrying out an investigation into the incident. No arrests have been made at this time,’ the spokesman said.


“At one point, the person recording the incident even got upset when someone had the audacity to speak to a female police officer — not exactly something that convinces us the person behind the camera is a ‘moderate.'”

Anyone who would verbally attack police who are responding to an emergency call for not removing their shoes is a fanatic.

If you have a whole roomful of fanatics, it becomes impossible to reason with them, let alone do your job as a police officer.

If Muslims want to function within western nations, they are just going to have to make some adjustments. Especially for people who might be showing up to save their lives.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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