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LOL! Cops Can’t Call Bad Guys ‘Suspects’ Anymore – The New Politically Correct Term Is…

Seattle isn’t the PC capital of the nation just yet, but it is making a bid to steal that title from San Francisco.

Political correctness is the Liberal’s eternal exercise in laziness.

Instead of engaging in deep discussions and having lively debates, Leftists rely on political correctness to allow them to disengage from actual conversation and shut down any opposing view.

Every aspect of society is currently suffering under the yoke of the free-speech-killing behavior of political correctness.

Even law enforcement has had its hands tied with the excessive use of PC force by Leftists, leaving police wondering what it is they can do and can’t do when it comes to actually upholding the law.

This confusion has just deepened as law enforcement agencies in Seattle have decided that criminals can no longer be “insulted” by cops with the term “suspect.”

Allen B. West:

“The whole concept of PC culture is hitting all new waves of insanity as police in Seattle are no longer allowed to call a suspect, well, a ‘suspect,’ but must instead refer to him, her, or other as ‘community member.

KIRO7 is reporting, When Seattle police officers write use of force reports they no longer call a suspect a suspect.

‘Community member’ is the new term. Several officers say the term is offensive, explaining their work with violent suspects.

I think this is all in an effort to make sure our report writing sounds politically correct,’ Seattle Police Officers’ Guild Kevin Stuckey told KIRO 7.


A person who has committed a crime, or believed to have committed a crime, is a suspect. They are not just an ordinary, run-of-the mill citizen at that point.

Isn’t it offensive to make it sound as if law-abiding citizens and criminals are on equal footing?”

That last statement is the whole thrust of political correctness in the first place.

The whole point is to equate law-breaking with law-abiding.  Liberals want us to sympathize with the criminal.  Sort of the same mentality when equating Islam with peace.

Police are so focused on politically correct reporting now that it’s nearly impossible to actually do their job.  How sad.  The same thing is being done to our military.

Pretty soon, “enemy combatants” will be “patriotic opponents.”

Sources:  Allen B. West, KIRO7

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