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It’s Over: Decades Of Suffocating Liberal Oppression Exposed…And The “Deplorables” Have WON

Snowflakes around the world continue to melt on impact of a hard political lesson learned at the expense of a great nation.

Your mother and your father used to say to you, “Life is not fair. Deal with it.” It was one of the first real world lessons that you learned as a child.

If your family couldn’t afford ice cream one week, or the Christmas present count was somewhat diminished from the year before, or you were eating rice and raisins for breakfast, you may not have said anything outright, but you noticed. On occasion, your younger sibling would throw a mini-tantrum about it not being “fair.”

This, of course, would lead to the small tidbit of wisdom from your parent.

Most people in the United States who grew up in a poverty-stricken, lower middle- or middle class home are intimately familiar with this mindset. In fact, most who became parents themselves continued to mimic their own parents by parroting this oft-repeated saying.

This outlook knows no political affiliation. Both Republicans and Democrats are well-familiar with this life lesson. A key difference, however, between the two is their handling of this life lesson as it relates to them in the political spectrum.

Growing up in a Conservative Christian home with a single parent, I was treated to a life that I will never reject. My mother was working three jobs with three children (waitress, secretary and mechanic) while my grandmother was our caretaker in her absence. Despite the many jobs (as well as the endless hours away from our home) we were poor.

Somehow, my mother (who had absolutely no social life whatsoever) still had time to take us to the beach, fishing, hiking, camping and church every Sunday. I was on the local baseball team with my middle brother and she came to many of those games to cheer for us. She attended PTA meetings and was actively involved in all our homework projects.

During all this, amazingly, she also was surrogate mother to our best friends, as well as many local teenagers who breezed in and out of our third-floor apartment acting as a long line of babysitters.

Throughout these many years of struggle, my mother never once asked the government for assistance. Her upbringing taught her that if you made a decision to have children, you were ultimately responsible for their care. My grandfather, who arrived here through Ellis Island in the 1920s from Sweden, instilled these values in her.

What a shock it must have been to her, beginning in the 1960s, to have her entire life’s outlook come under constant assault from those in the media who likely never struggled (or had forgotten what it was like to be under those circumstances).

Starting early on in the Sixties, Conservative ideas began to be ridiculed as Dark Age ideology. Any thought that one must be responsible for one’s own choices was looked down on as intolerant or hateful. Being a Christian was still in vogue (and it took another decade before that, too, became a bygone mythic notion in the minds of the emerging Liberal ideology) but all things Conservative were now in the crosshairs.

Still, my mother marched on toward a better future.

She remarried and a good man came into our lives. For three young boys who had no stable male role model, it was tremendously important for us to have someone to call “Dad”. Under his guidance (and the persistence of my mother) we finally got out of the rat-and-roach-infested neighborhood and were able to move into a small colonial home in suburbia with a near-quarter of an acre yard for yearly cook-outs.

As I grew into adulthood, I was steadily more engaged in politics and, while in high school, was about to be treated to my very first real political campaign: Jimmy Carter versus Ronald Reagan.

Now, for the preceding couple of years in elementary school, I was subjected to all manner of debasing and demeaning things said about Republicans under the auspices of Social Studies and English.

Our teacher, Mr. Sterno (real name withheld), a very nasty and miserable man who once chided me in front of the entire class for having done a book report with an out-of-date encyclopedia (my mother was given them as a gift because we couldn’t afford new ones) was my first exposure to the elitism of Liberals.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if this very thoughtful teacher hadn’t stood me up in the middle of my classmates and proceeded to read my report to the other children while chuckling and snidely commenting about my “ancient” reference material.

His ultra-long dissertations on Richard Nixon and his Nazi ties, who he claimed was designing his very own “brown shirt” uniforms for our government workers, was especially disturbing since I knew that both my mother and father were Republicans.

Up until that time, I was not aware that I was a deplorable human being.

High school was interesting because I was finally able to speak to other children coming from middle-class homes who had opinions contrary to the Mr. Sternos of the education system; an education system devoted to political correctness, sex education (magnanimously provided by Planned Parenthood), the chrysalis of what would become Global Warming and finally Climate Change, and anti-American history and anti-Christianity.

I became fast friends with many of these young Conservatives, but couldn’t shake the perception from the Left that everything I was brought up to believe in was hateful and intolerant. It continued to be abundantly clear over the next few years that I was on the wrong side of literally every political argument.

As I raised my hand and took my oath for military service at the MEPS station in Newark, New Jersey, I was inspired and renewed in my faith in the United States. After a stint overseas in Europe, the return home was invigorating. By the age of 24, I had seen the world (Europe, parts of Africa, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, the Eastern Block) and had met so many different people from so many diverse cultures.

History abroad came to life for me. I was called up for service during Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield and eventually saw the election of Bill Clinton.

The military was (and is) the land of the Republicans. Most of the service members, whether black, white, brown, red, or yellow, leaned right. The ones who did not were an anomaly. That’s not a boast. That’s just the way it is.

When Bill Clinton decided one day back in the early 90s to not return a salute of a US Marine who awaited him by the stairs of his Air Force One, military service members were aghast.

You wouldn’t have known it, but it was a very big deal to us in the service. It occurred to me rather strange, therefore, to have read subsequent news reports where reporters were practically tripping over themselves to attest to the fact that US soldiers still stood in support of their Commander-In-Chief over this issue.

This went against the very grain of what I was actually experiencing on my own base.

I was further flabbergasted to learn that an entire news story was being widely broadcast on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN (take your pick) depicting Bill Clinton visiting a US military base where all the men and women in uniform were being filmed in formation in supposed monolithic support of our president.

It rubbed me the wrong way simply because I knew that if the president was to visit our base,where I was sure 99% of us were not in support of him, we would nevertheless line up under the command of our Lieutenant Colonel in a respectful display.

The media, at this point in our century, had been 100% co-opted by the Liberal/ Progressive movement and I was finally aware of it.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that the Left-ward tilt of all news, all the time, was an effort to alter public opinion. It had been a never-ending drumbeat since the 1960s and only became more insistent once Bill Clinton’s sex scandals began to unfold in earnest.

The craziness of the media lining up their rifles in a firing squad at any Conservative opinion about character mattering was almost staggeringly laughable. Arguments about character seemed to go this way, unless of course we were speaking about Conservative Supreme Court Judge nominees.

Then, it seemed, that the media suddenly got a conscience about character and good judgment.

These are exactly the sort of jokes that just never, ever stopped.

Conservatives and Christians have been the brunt of jokes on the Left for so long that it’s almost an afterthought to defend ourselves against the onslaught from all directions. We have grown up initially believing that we were a minority.

We were lectured from on high about our intolerance and hatefulness and bigotry. We were (despite our knowledge of history) told that we held people back based on color or culture or lifestyle. Even our religion became the dartboard for the Left; the only religion (aside from Judaism) where it’s apparently fashionable and expected to be dismissed and derided.

I have had many friends in the artistic community who, by necessity, are Liberals. Even their careful adoption of every stance on every Progressive issue is precluded by their cavalier lack of interest in any factual evidence to the contrary or any intellectually honest conversation regarding history or precedent.

Many of these friends chose to walk away from me once they found out that I was a registered Republican.

Even with all this throughout my life, I persevered. My mom had said, “Life isn’t fair.” And she was right.

Interestingly, card-carrying Liberals appear to be completely absent of this philosophy.

They have never been subjected to a total and complete blackout of their ideals or values in the media. They have never been taught to properly react to and process aversion to their ideas and beliefs. They have been told their entire lives that they are not responsible for their actions, that their illness, addiction, or family situation is actually the culprit for all of their problems.

If they lack the proper tools to advance themselves, then it must be someone or something else’s fault. Any answer is the correct answer and negative results are fine because they have good intentions behind them. It used to be that they would receive a trophy for merely participating. Now, they will receive an award, regardless of whether or not they participated.

We wouldn’t want to ruin that fragile self-esteem now, would we?

It is precisely for these reasons that the current meltdown is taking place on the Left. The vast majority of these people who have been duped into believing by a complicit media that their ideas were fully embraced by the general American populace are now beside themselves in anger, confusion and frustration.

Even the people who have obsessively concocted these phantom narratives have begun to believe their own press.

The Andrea Mitchells and the Christiane Amanpours of the world (dyed-in-the-wool Liberals all) are tearfully infuriated that the rubes of America – the unwashed masses who make up a vast swath of the American belly – had the audacity to not only question their phony narrative, but also to vote for Satan himself, is almost too much to bear.

They should never have had the right to vote in the first place!

Rising early every morning to go to work and continue the ruse must be the most tedious part of their existence these days. Knowing that people are tuning out and not regarding anything they say as having relativity or substance must be completely debilitating to these Snowflakes who have been given nothing but shots of encouragement their whole careers.

The Left-leaners are now participating in the cacophony of the unfairness of Trump executive orders and his cabinet member hearings not realizing that they are beginning to sound just like the “bitter clingers” and “deplorables” and “irredeemables” that they dismissed only months ago.

The mainstream media fake news, fake polls and alternative facts gristmill has actually done a major disservice to the people who were most loyal to their message. By encouraging and upholding the Leftist point of view (even when such philosophy may have been at odds with true public opinion) they created this false sense of entitlement to moral superiority that now turns out to be a complete fabrication.

Just as welfare and financial and social entitlements have diminished a fit person’s ability and mental prowess to “fend for themselves”, the Liberal media has been contriving the invented narrative of the Left being right, and the Right being wrong in all opinion.

Ultimately, this boils down to delicate sensitivities not being able to simply handle life and all its intricacies. I am glad to have grown up with such diversity. I should thank Mr. Sterno for his being so intolerant of my obvious stupidity and middle-class status.

My single mother’s Conservatism may have been a target for the Left, but it personally set me up for success in my own life.

Now that Liberals are finally beginning a journey in the shoes of a Christian Conservative, it is somehow satisfying to sit back for a change and watch someone on the other side squirming and appreciating the “unfairness” of life and all it has to offer.

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