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WOW: You Won’t Believe Who Just Defended Trump…Liberals Are Furious!

Everyone believes all Muslims hate Donald Trump.

It’s a fallacy.

Despite some questionable Tweets and statements fired out by the new president-elect in 2016, there are many who understand Trump’s true goals and aspirations concerning immigration and the ongoing war on terrorism. And believe it or not, these people aren’t only rich white Americans, nor are they bigots or racists, despite what some liberals may believe.

In fact, many Muslim-Americans are backing Trump and believe his efforts to protect the country are actually well-founded.

As FOX News reports, guys like Ali Olaikhan aren’t about to violently react to Trump’s election and they never believed the new president wanted to boot all Muslims from the U.S.

“I’m a Muslim, and I know what he says about Muslims,” said Olaikhan. “I understand what he means. He’s talking about the terrorists or the extremists, of course.”


Olaikhan actually said he was happy Trump won the election and added that he knows Trump doesn’t want to harm Muslims; he merely wants to protect his country’s borders. And he’s hardly the only Muslim-American to back the new president. Granted, only a small percentage of Muslims voted for Trump in the previous election (most voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton), but to believe all Muslims are anti-Trump is erroneous.

Furthermore, many are arguing that the recent Ohio State University attack supports Trump’s need for “extreme vetting” in regards to immigration, so we can stop extremist and radicalized Islamic individuals from entering the country.

Maybe things wouldn’t be so divisive in the country now if people listened less to sound bites and Tweets, and more to the official plans Donald Trump has in store. The pervading idea that he “hates” Muslims – or indeed, all minorities – has no basis in fact, that’s for certain.

Source: Fox News

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