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SHOCK REPORT: Democrat Plot To DESTROY Trump Revealed…This Is Shameless!

It’d be a mistake to think the Democrats are simply seeking explanations.

These people are downright vicious.

They simply cannot handle the fact that Donald Trump is the new President-elect and the Democrat party and liberals everywhere have been flipping out. And when we say “flipping out,” we mean it. Their agenda may have started with the recount demands but they’re not about to stop there.

No,  they want Trump out and they’re actually working to make it happen before inauguration day (January 20, 2017).

As noted in a summary at HotAir, Hillary Clinton’s hardcore supporters absolutely will not let things slide, and there are plans in place to remove Trump from his duly elected position.

Citing an article at the Huffington Post, the author says the Clinton Camp may have found legal precedence for getting Clinton into the White House, despite her loss in the U.S. presidential election:

A 1995 federal court ruling out of Pennsylvania may offer some clues to Clinton supporters as to possible legal authority for removing an elected official from office and replacing them with their erstwhile opponent.

In light of late-breaking reports Friday evening that Russians interfered with the 2016 presidential election to assist Donald Trump’s victory, Clinton supporters are furiously in pursuit of remedies

However, at least one court decision suggests there is some federal authority to invalidate the election outcome after the fact.

This is just outrageous. They’ll grab at any straw that presents itself and the worst part is, they will battle tooth-and-nail until Donald Trump is finally sitting in the Oval Office. Who knows what these people are capable of? Seriously?

Recounts are one thing but when you start talking about “invalidating the election” results for no other reason than you can’t accept the startling fact that you LOST…well, you need to go away.

Fellow Americans, keep an eye on this, as the nasty hypocrisy and general attitude of the left should not be underestimated.

Source: HotAir

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