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MSNBC Host: Democrats Will Keep Losing Elections If Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Go Away

At some point, even the most ardent Liberal must admit that their Democrat leaders are woefully lacking.

If you can only turn to the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, etc, you really need to reassess and start electing people who give your party a chance.

As it stands, the DNC is in critical condition and it’s not only because the country is sick and tired of the Leftist’s Gestapo techniques.

It’s also because the Democrats have no real leadership; those who identify as “leaders” have come completely unhinged since Donald Trump’s election to the presidency.

Now, at least one journalist believes politicians like Pelosi are having a profoundly negative impact.

Sounds like they’re finally starting to face the harsh truth.

From Independent Journal Review:

MSNBC host Chuck Todd assigned partial blame to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for the Democratic Party’s loss in Georgia on Tuesday.

‘It is Pelosi who remains a pretty big drag for Democrats at the polls in certain districts, particularly this one,’ Todd said of Pelosi’s effect on Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

On Tuesday, Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff lost in a special election against Republican Karen Handel.

Todd speculated that Pelosi was Republicans’ most ‘potent’ weapon of ‘attack,’ and suggested that she had more of a presence in the race than President Donald Trump.

Yes, Pelosi has indeed been an asset to the Republican Party. Every time we turn around, she’s saying something so completely insane that even Liberals are cringing.

Todd added that Democrats need to start thinking about making a change, because they simply can’t put Pelosi in as Speaker of the House. That idea is just too unsettling.

Therefore, Leftists require a new leader and actually, more than one. They require a complete overhaul.

And frankly, they did it to themselves; if the DNC is imploding now, they have nobody but their own members and constituents to blame.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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