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Just In: Democrats Go BERZERK, Accuse Trump Of MULTIPLE Crimes – There’s Just One Problem…

There are some in Congress who are so absurd it’s painful even to write about them.

Either they are so far left that you hardly know where to begin, or what they say is so preposterous that you hate to dignify any of their remarks by commenting on them.

Kinda like how we feel whenever we report on Nancy Pelosi’s latest mind-numbingly crazy statement.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is another prime example of someone who says painfully idiotic things. So virulent of a leftist is this woman that if she made any sense, she would actually be dangerous.

As things stand, though, she simply proves our government, while brilliant and a blessing, isn’t quite perfect. On the other hand, our founders did set up a system of government that does allow for the exposure of such loons.

Ms. Waters despises President Trump. That’s obvious and to be expected. She’s come off the rails before with her endless attacks on President Donald Trump.

And once again, she has concocted, or had someone concoct for her, an incoherent set of reasons why President Trump will be impeached. …just don’t expect her prognostications to make much sense.

Via Right Wing News:

“‘I think in the final analysis they are going to have to move away from [President Trump],’ Waters said of right-wing conservatives. ‘And we will see that [President Trump] will be in a position where he will meet the criteria for high crimes and misdemeanors, and I maintain that’s where impeachment comes in.'”

It’s not certain if she needs cue-cards or a teleprompter or what – but her statements just don’t make any sense.

She claims that President Trump will lose support of “right-wing conservatives,” and this will put him in in a position, “where he will meet the criteria for high crimes and misdemeanors.”

What do you do with something like that?

These are just statements that are blurted out and devoid of any evidence that intelligent thought was involved in their formulation.

We’ve heard this impeachment rhetoric from Waters before and it’s even crazier now. So, she’s saying Trump will commit crimes, even if she has no idea what they’ll be…? Really?

The answer is that you don’t waste time trying to refute such people. Since they are disconnected from the reasoning process, reasoning with them is impossible.

You can feel sorry for them or avoid them, but engaging them in intelligent discussion is just not possible. Simply move on to something more productive.

Source: Right Wing News

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