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ALERT – Democrats Hit Washington With Shocking Threat – Don’t Let Trump Do This, Or We Will…

Desperate Democrats are willing to do just about anything.

Throwing tantrums is common, as is accusing the President of the United States for crimes he never committed. Many call that treason; liberals say it’s perfectly legit.

If the Left doesn’t get their way, they WILL react like six-year-olds. That’s the long and short of it.

There’s a darn good reason insiders and analysts are saying the Democratic Party is in dire straits, and why they’re having difficulty recruiting new members. Hell, they don’t even have a leader right now.

I mean, unless you want to talk about Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters, two incompetent socialists.

But anyway, remember when Democrats and their media cohorts deemed a government shutdown as apocalypse now?

Remember how they all blamed the Republicans, even when it was apparent that both parties were prompting the shutdown?

Well, now that their precious Obamacare funding is being threatened, CNN found a “source” in the Democrat Party who revealed a deep dark secret…though nobody is really surprised.

Independent Journal Review:

[A]ccording to CNN, Democrats are threatening a government shut-down over changes to Obamacare funding.

A Democrat source told CNN that plans were already in the works to tie Obamacare funding to cooperation with a funding bill that will allow the government to continue operating after April 28, but President Trump’s comments the day before ‘threw gas on the fire.’”

The comments were made during an interview with the Wall Street Journal — Trump talked about using Obamacare funding as a tool to get cooperation from Democrats on making changes to the controversial law.


It appears the Democrats are attempting to use a bait and switch method of attaching funding for Obamacare to another crucial bill.

This tactic is a well-known and much-used way for lawmakers to get what they want through hiding the text far down in the bill. If you recall, it is a rare thing for legislators to read the bills on which they vote in session.

If they stick a funding mechanism far down in the bill’s text, there’s a chance that Republicans will pass the bill without reading it. And, “Voila!” Obamacare is funded!

There is also a chance that the Democrats will turn to their media minions to run interference for them.  If the media can run a bunch of stories, back-to-back, 24/7, they will achieve a backlash of support against Republicans.

If the Republicans answer with a snobbish attitude, the Democrats will have once again turned the tide of public opinion against the Right.

Let’s hope that the Republicans aren’t that naïve. Let’s also hope that President Trump’s promise to the American people concerning healthcare is still good, and brighter days are ahead.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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